Deep Soap: Are the Daytime Emmys in Jeopardy?

The Daytime Emmys (Photo: Getty Images)

The Daytime Emmys are scheduled to take place on June 23rd, but they probably will not be televised. Production company ATI, which produced the 2010 and 2011 Daytime Emmys, declined to produce the show this year. The company’s executive, Jim Romonovich, wrote a lengthy statement about the decision, back in February. It was a strange statement that discussed how great and different the company was planning to make this year’s Daytime Emmys before backing out, claiming that CBS and two cable networks were interested in the show and that the telecast was going to be similar to the Golden Globes.

A month later, no other company has taken ATI’s place. According to TV Guide, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is still “in negotiations” with production companies and networks, but there is a good chance that the show will end up without a television home. In that case, fans will only be able to watch the Daytime Emmy via a live internet feed. The scaled down awards will take place at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. It is especially disheartening that this year’s Daytime Emmys will be the last chance to honor “All My Children” and most of “One Life to Live.” (As OLTL aired for two weeks in January, its finale could be nominated for next year’s awards.)

Though ATI managed to keep the show on CBS for the past two years, it came at a great cost. In order to finance the production, the Daytime Emmys became an embarrassing low-end infommercial about Las Vegas,with the bulk of the telecast having nothing to do with the shows that were being honored, no clips of the nominees, and rushed acceptance speeches. The ratings were terrible. Nominees and viewers alike felt disrespected.  “The Young & the Restless” star Peter Bergman described it as a, “vulgar Vegas nightmare.” A lot of the nominees did not even bother to make the trek to Las Vegas.

Whether or not the show ultimately finds a television home, with any luck this year’s so far sponsor free award show will be a classy tribute to the many hard working people who work on soap operas, talk shows, court shows, game shows, and children’s programming.




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