The Wednesday Buzz: Brooklyn Co-Op Dispute Deservedly Mocked By ‘The Daily Show’ and More

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At the Park Slope Co-op in Brooklyn — a grocery store owned and operated by its members — a political fight is brewing over the availability of Israeli products on the shelves. A small but vocal group was hoping to ban the products as a protest for Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Of course, there’s another vocal group who vocally oppose the band.

Of course, to everyone outside of that upscale Brooklyn enclave, it looks like a case of wealthy people with too much time on their hands, which is why “The Daily Show” sent Samantha Bee over to the co-op to completely make fun of it. “You do know it’s a grocery store, right?” she bemusedly asks one of the combatants, and in an amusing sequence, she tours the co-op as if she’s Richard Engel sneaking into Syria, scared that one customer was carrying something suspicious… a baby.

By the way, the co-op had a vote last night on the ban, and it was defeated. Thank goodness that’s over, and we can all go back to normal.

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