How the ‘Glee’ Cast Knows When Ryan Murphy is Mad at Them

by | March 29, 2012 at 11:56 AM | Glee, Inside the Actors Studio

How does the “Glee” cast know when their boss is angry with them? He writes it into the scripts. In a clip from the April 9 “Glee” episode of “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” Jane Lynch admits that series creator Ryan Murphy has a way of taking personal characteristics of the show’s actors and turning them into storylines. Which, you know,  is all well and good if you stay on his good side. “No one’s better than Ryan at taking a person, looking at them, and finding their Achilles Heel,” Lynch says, ominously adding, “And I know when he’s mad at somebody. I can tell by reading the script.” Let that serve as a warning to all future “Glee” guests with skeletons in their closet!