‘Idol’ Elimination Leaves Eight As One Gets Shown the Door

American Idol's Top 8 (FOX)

Warning, Spoilers Ahead!!

Heejun Han: Hollywood Week funnyman, newly eliminated “American Idol” contestant. Tonight, voters kicked off the class clown who outstayed the circus. Despite an improved performance over last week’s horror show, Heejun couldn’t muster enough votes to keep him in for another week of painful Bolton-esque balladry.

In his commentary, Jimmy Iovine said that even though Heejun redeemed himself after last week, when Steven Tyler accused him of not taking music seriously, he just doesn’t sing as well as the other eight contestants. And America agreed.

Rounding out the Bottom Three (per my 100% accurate prediction!) were Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh. About Skylar, Jimmy said she needs to sing something with a little more melody than the scorned country woman’s rants she picks each week. And about Hollie, he said that while she sings technically well, she lacks experience and emotion. Yes, yes, yes.

Also tonight, the “Idol”s moved into their “mansion,” which is basically a luxury condo complex made of glass. And as they drove up to the Hollywood Hills, Lana Del Rey earned enough for a mansion of her own by lending the show “Video Games” as background music. But not before they drove around L.A. and gawked at the sites; someone gave a long, loud “Wowwwww” when they passed that oh-so-historic and classically Hollywood attraction… a wax museum.

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Then Nicki Minaj performed, wearing an electric peacock outfit that may or may not have been made of Fruity Pebbles. Afterward, she offered her services as a guest judge, even asking Jennifer Lopez to move aside on the panel. But J. Lo shot back, “I don’t know if there’s enough room for both of us.”

Scotty McCreery was the “Idol” alum who paid a visit. He’s still awkwardly holding the mic to the side of his mouth, but other than that, seems to have grown into his role well. Definitely he’s more comfortable being on a stage and talking to people. After the number, Jimmy Iovine brought him a framed platinum record, and thanked him for helping keep the “Idol” franchise afloat, lauding him for his “Herculean” feat of actually selling records—as opposed to most other winners of this show.

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