‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Two Firings and a Walk-Off

Aubrey O'Day on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' (Photo: NBC)

There were fireworks in the boardroom on Sunday night’s three-hour “The Celebrity Apprentice” that said goodbye to two celebrities … and possibly a third.

Here are some quick highlights of the meltdowns and blow-ups, but first … SPOILER ALERT…

In the first of two tasks for the night, the teams were given a fundraising challenge based on creating and selling New York City guidebooks. That spelled the doom of Debbie Gibson, who was fired for not raising enough cash, but not before project manager Teresa Giudice chewed her out (merely slamming her fists on the table instead of a full-on table flip) for being inappropriately dressed in the boardroom. Ironic but true.

Watch the Full Episode “Walking Papers” Now:

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Noting that, disgracefully, the women have lost five of the seven challenges, The Donald then shakes things up by switching the teams, sending Aubrey and Teresa to the men’s team and sending Penn, Lou and Dee over to the women’s team. This sends Lisa Lampanelli into fits of rage as she is still stuck with Miss Universe, no doubt intentional by Trump who clearly wants Lisa to have a full-fledged nervous breakdown as Dayana continues to escape boardroom after boardroom with her sparkly tiara in tact.

Watch: Arsenio Loses It!

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The celebs were next tasked with promoting a new health initiative, “Walk with Walgreens” — where Aubrey O’Day walked all over project manager Arsenio Hall, talking out of turn, taking extra credit for things and making decisions against the PM’s directives. Not to mention slamming him to his face, pointing out that Arsenio’s been MIA from showbiz for a long time after “walking away” from his career. Ouch. Yes, there’s a bitter boardroom breakdown ahead when Arsenio lets it rip on “selfish,” “narcissistic” Aubrey who’s called out for not being a team player. Clay and Paul join in on the fun, as Aubrey’s only female ally Teresa stands by on mute. Ironic but true.

Even Trump threw out a barb in the Aubrey bashing, as she broke down in tears during the boardroom and then appeared to walk off the show when she stepped onto the Elevator of Shame and never returned to the War Room.

“I don’t want to be around all the negativity anymore,” Aubrey said afterward. “The environment is so ugly. I just don’t know if this is the right place for me.”

By the way, Team Arsenio actually won the challenge so they were spared an actual firing, even though Aubrey appeared to have quit…so will she be back next week?

“lol. I went 2 church!” Aubrey joked on Twitter after the episode, saying she just needed a breather from the boardroom, so presumably she does return.

As for the other fired celeb — that was Dee Snider, who was given his walking papers after Trump spared weak links Dayana Mendoza and Lou Ferrigno once again.

“Today” Clip: Dee and Debbie ‘Didn’t See Firing’ Coming:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Today/96422/2218359920/Dee-Snider%2C-Debbie-Gibson-Didn%E2%80%99t-See-%E2%80%98firing%E2%80%99-Coming/embed 580 476]

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