‘Castle’: Will Beckett Ditch Castle for a Sexy Secret Agent?

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Last week, “Castle” tore out the hearts of millions of Castle/Beckett shippers, when Castle (Nathan Fillion) found out that Beckett (Stana Katic) remembered that he told her he loved her after she was shot, and concluded that she lied to him because she did not feel the same way. In classic television fashion, he opted not to have a conversation with her about it, instead choosing to be hurt and bitter. This week he rebounds in a familiar Castle way: by dating a flight attendant. Beckett cannot figure out why he has pulled away. Lanie (Tamala Jones) is the voice of reason. She points out that Castle’s sick of waiting for her, and it’s obvious to everyone but Castle that she has a thing for him. She can’t expect him to wait forever while she gets up the nerve to tell him how she feels.

Castle and Beckett are thrown together moments later, when they converge on the crime scene of the week: a seedy motel where a model’s body was found. The housekeeper saw a man leaving the room. The same man is seen at the victim’s apartment. Caskett track him to his hotel room. He is very sexy and very naked. He’s also a Scotland Yard agent named Colin Hunt (Brett Tucker) who was summoned to the murder scene by the victim, his longtime friend. She was dead when he got there. He is determined to find the killer, and insists on being an official part of the NYPD investigation in exchange for sharing information. The trail leads to a photo of a suspect named Nigel (Charles Shaughnessy) who is a diplomat. This leads to one of the most fun sequences in the show’s history. Castle comes up with an elaborate plan to break into Nigel’s house involving him rappelling into his apartment with the help of a gymnast, only to see Beckett and Colin leave the precinct, in black tie and an evening gown, to crash a party at the British consulate.

The party is a kicky homage to James Bond and other classic secret agent movies, as Beckett dances with Colin, flirts with Nigel in order to get her hands on a glass he is holding so she can get his fingerprints while being sexy and glamorous with Colin. Beckett ends up stealing Nigel’s business case, when Colin fails to get his hands on the glass. Watch the whole delightful sequence by clicking on the link and see if you think think Coskett can give Caskett a run for their money.

Nigel turns out not to be the killer. The culprit is actually a rapper (long story). Once he confesses,  Colin prepares to go back to London. He offers to buy Beckett a drink first. She turns down his sexy Britishness so that she can finally confess her feelings to Castle, but Castle blows her off for his flight attendant before she can say anything. So, Beckett decides to take Colin up on his offer a date. Will Beckett find happiness with the dashing spy? Or will she and Castle find five freaking minutes to have an actual, uninterrupted converastion? Here’s a hint, Beckett: send him an email telling him that you love him. He’s a writer. He’ll read it.


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