Kris Humphries Trying to Ruin Kim Kardashian at All Costs, Source Says

Kris Humphries (Donald Bowers/Getty Images)

Kris Humphries: “Me hurt Kim left! Now me destroy Kim!”

That’s kinda how the Kim Kardashian camp feels The Hump is all about after the couple’s split, which Kimbo announced after 72 days of marriage on Oct. 31.

“He’s doing anything he can to get her attention,” a Kardashian source tells Us Weekly about the 27-year-old NBA baller. “She would grant a divorce in a second. But he won’t sign the papers. He won’t let go.”

The source accuses Kris of stalling the divorce with a bogus annulment based-on-fraud charge and resorting to strange tactics like requesting that their divorce proceedings be televised in an attempt to tarnish the K-fam’s reputation. (Note to Kris: By default, the Kardashians are arguably masters at tarnishing themselves on their own.)

This cheeseball clip illustrates that perfectly:

[iframe!-News-Now/103071/2219158198/Kardashians-Do-%22Lady-Marmalade%22/embed 580 476]

“Kris wants money, and he wants fame,” claims another Kardashian source.

But Team Kris disagrees. “Kris is not a conniving person; he just wants to clear his name because it was tarnished,” says a source.

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