‘Survivor: One World’ Recap – Kimpressive Strategy

'Survivor: One World' (CBS)

Last Week: Sabrina dug in the sand until she was pooped, Troyzan found one immunity and won number two, and Jonas’s chances of winning were dropped in the dump.

Oh…and Chelsea grew sick of Tarzan’s crap.

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Let’s see where the tribe currently stands…

The Tikiano Tribe (wearing black)
Alicia –  25, Special Ed Teacher
Chelsea – 26, Medical Sales
Christina – 29, Career Consultant
Kat – 22, Timeshare Rep
Kim – 29, Bridal Shop Owner
Jay – 25, Model
Leif – 27, Phlebotomist
Michael – 30, Banker
Sabrina – 33, High School Teacher
Tarzan – 64, Plastic Surgeon
Troyzan – 50, Swimsuit Photographer

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The episode kicks off with Troyzan and Jay talking strategy. Troyzan feels bad that they had to boot Jonas, but he ended up on the wrong side of the tribe swap. They’re both very concerned that the girls could align and send the them packing.

Anyone remember when the women couldn’t start a fire? Funny game this “Survivor.”

Tree mail arrives in the form of a 7Up bottle. Oh…so that’s why we’ve been having 7Up “Survivor” Original commercials.

Reward Challenge: The players will be split into two teams of five. One by one they’ll slide down a ginormous slide, run out into the ocean, and retrieve puzzle crates. Once the tribe has all seven of their crates, they’ll use them to complete a puzzle. First tribe to finish their puzzle will be taken to a barbecue at the “7Up Oasis.” They’ll enjoy burgers, steak, and all the cool, crisp, refreshing 7Up they can drink.

A pick-em decides the teams. The green team will consist of Jay, Troyzan, Alicia, Kat, and Chelsea while the yellow team will be Michael, Kim, Christina, Sabrina, and Leif.

Tarzan was not picked. I wouldn’t want him touching my 7Up either.

The challenge starts off and the lime team jumps out to a slight lead. They manage to maintain that lead throughout the crate-gathering portion.

As the lemon team is bringing their final crate back, Christina runs off to take a look at the puzzle. Leif does not approve of this strategy.

Troyzan comes up with the clever strategy of standing on one of the crates so he can get a top-down view of the puzzle. However, the lemon team replicates this strategy and manages to come from behind to win reward.

In a hilarious moment, Leif starts screaming “Barbecue!” like he was an otter puppet in a Christmas special. I’m pretty sure nobody will get that joke.

Later on at the Oasis, the lemon team is having a blast drinking the delicious nectar of the gods known as 7Up.

When they’re done basking in the lemon-lime glow of America’s favorite clear, carbonated beverage, Sabrina and Kim take a minute to discuss strategy. Kim wants to bring the band back together in an all-girl alliance.

Quick Aside: The overhead shots of the camps are beautiful. Good job, “Survivor” production.

The next day, some harsh Samoan weather wreaks havoc on the shelter. As if that wasn’t bad enough, apparently Tarzan is ripping down parts of the shelter to use for firewood. Well, that’s certainly a new one.

Tarzan thinks Chelsea is starting to become annoyed with him. In other news, the sky is blue, sugar is sweet, water is wet…

Tarzan takes Chelsea aside and asks if she’s negative toward him because he’s a plastic surgeon and she might be angry with her own plastic surgeon. So good.

Despite this ridiculous line of thinking, Chelsea shows she’s a gamer by saying that as annoying as Tarzan is, he isn’t a threat and should be kept around.

Later, Kim plants a Kimberly seed in Troyzan’s head by telling him that Michael is gunning for him. Troyzan, of course, goes for it hook, line, and sinker.

Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina in the final three? Sounds about right.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will race across a ladder bridge while moving puzzle pieces along a rope. The first four to get across the bridge will move on to the puzzle stage. First person to complete the puzzle wins immunity.

Not much to describe in the ladder portion except for eleven people hunched over, pushing bags of puzzle pieces. Jay, Kim, Troyzan, and Alicia advance.

Alicia and Kim jump out to a decent puzzle lead, with Troyzan slightly behind them and Jay way in the back. Kim thinks she almost has it, but is one piece off. Alicia suffers a similar fate. Jay roars back from behind and manages to win the challenge and immunity.

Politicking around camp centers around Jay wanting to boot Christina to even up the guy/girl numbers and Kim still trying to get rid of Mike.

Chelsea approaches Jay with Kim’s plans. He’s not into it because he’s worried that he’ll be next. Chelsea slips up when she says that isn’t “necessarily” true. Jay jumps all over that unfortunate phrasing. He’s like a lawyer.

Jay and Mike hustle off to talk a little strategy. Before they have a chance to figure out what’s really going on, Kim chases after them and pitches the idea of getting rid of Christina. Mike’s cool with blindsiding Christina because he thinks blindsides are fun. Yeah, Lincoln probably thought plays were fun too.

That night at Tribal Council, Jeff asks everyone if they’re worried about going home. None of them are.

Chelsea says you should be aligned with several groups to keep your options open. I’m sure her alliance members loved hearing that.

Alicia isn’t sure who’s on whose side.

Tarzan thinks people are worried about revealing too much at Tribal Council, so Jeff can be counted amongst the people being lied to.

Kat coins the term “Tarzan” to mean a “rantic.” I’m thinking that’s a cross between a rant and an antic? Anywho, if you’re the victim of one, then you’ve been Tarzan’d.

Voting Time: None of the votes are shown.

J-Probst leaves, gathers the votes, takes a nap, tallies them, then returns. Two votes for Christina, two votes for Tarzan, four votes for Mike, and the eighth person to leave “Survivor: One World” is…Mike.

Verdict: Alright, I think I’ve figured out my big problem with this season; it seems like everyone has adopted Sandra Diaz-Twine’s “Anyone But Me” strategy. And with everybody doing that, it allows the Coltons and Kims of the game to basically do whatever they want. Somebody make some counter moves!

That, and there’s nobody to really root for. Who do you like? I’m sure they’re nice enough people, but nobody’s inspiring me.

Who’s Going to Win: Like I said, I think we’re heading to a Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina final three with Chelsea taking home the big check.

Power Rankings Update: Another week, another beating for the male team. Power Rankings legend Andrea Boehlke had Mike in spot nine, while John Cochran had him in spot seven. The current score is now Team Salani 65, Team Manono 42.

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