‘DWTS’: Jaleel White Simmers Over Controversy: ‘It’s Nonsense’

Jaleel White, Kym Johnson (Photo: ABC)

Jaleel White has been at the center of controversy all week at “Dancing with the Stars” after a website claimed he had viciously berated his partner, two-time mirror ball winner Kym Johnson.

But after the embattled couple survived this week’s elimination show—in which soap actor Jack Wagner was sent packing—they said the story was much ado about nothing.

“It’s nonsense,” Jaleel told Xfinitytv. “It’s a competition. It’s part of this game that people make you walk through a little bit of a fire. It’s her choreography, her fortitude that’s gotten me to dance like that. The dance doesn’t lie and that’s all I can really say.”

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According to Monday’s US Weekly report, Jaleel had a meltdown after a bad rehearsal session with Kym on Friday night. The report says Jaleel went off on the dancer, calling her an idiot, after he stepped on her foot. Fellow dancers Donald Driver and Mark Ballas reportedly intervened during the heated argument.

But Tuesday night, Kym and Jaleel couldn’t have looked more in sync and the dancer told Xfinitytv, “It was all completely blown out of proportion.”

When asked how much he had learned from Kym, Jaleel laughed, “A ton, especially where to keep my toe and what angle!”

Jaleel and Kym earned a score of 25 for their rumba on Monday night and the former Steve Urkel got highly emotional afterward, breaking down in tears on camera.

DWTS Week 3: The Dancers Confess…

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In the dance, he tapped into his suave “Family Matters” alter ego, Stefan, and explained how it got him choked up: “I’ve never shared these characters with anybody and you’re watching everybody else’s touching stories and it just—all of a sudden—I mean, we get a guy like Donald Driver to cry, it could just tell you what kind of night it is. I like to keep my character vaulted, I don’t make it a secret, and I wanted this dance to be perfect. I needed it to be perfect because it was going to live on YouTube forever no matter what happened. People don’t consider that stuff. I’m definitely proud of it. My arms were a little sharp—I looked at it this morning and I get what they [the judges] were saying. That’s something I can tighten up easy.

“I got to figure out how to transform myself into a character of some sort but at the same time sort of keep my own sense of self out there,” he said.

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