Watch: Erica Who? Letterman Forgets CBS Morning Host’s Name

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David Letterman forgot CBS colleague Erica Hill’s name when he recited a monologue bit about his network’s morning show on Wednesday night’s “Late Show.”

He also can’t seem to get a grip on the morning show’s name. It happens to be called “CBS This Morning,” but on Wednesday, Dave called it “The CBS Early Morning News.” And a day earlier, on Tuesday night, he called it “The CBS Early Morning Program.”

But it was Letterman’s omission of Erica Hill’s name on Wednesday night that really caught our attention. As he had done previously this week, Dave was setting up a gag about the competition in morning television this week — with Katie Couric subbing on ABC’s “Good Morning America” all week and Sarah Palin guest-hosting NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday.

So when Dave got into that subject Wednesday night, he said, “By the way, have you seen ‘The CBS Early Morning News’? They got Charlie Rose, he’s tremendous, they have, uh, Gayle King and uh, uh others …”

Certainly, Dave’s mangling of the morning show’s name and his folksy forgetfulness about Erica Hill’s name may have been just Dave acting the role of the befuddled regular guy watching TV at home who doesn’t know one morning show from another.

But it’s also true that Hill can sometimes seem like the proverbial third wheel in that “CBS This Morning” triumvirate. For example, this past Monday, when King’s friend, Oprah Winfrey, appeared on the CBS morning show, King and Rose got first crack at Oprah, with Hill joining them in the second half of the interview. It just seemed odd — as in “odd woman out.”

Meanwhile, in his Tuesday and Wednesday monologues, Dave showed videotape of Charlie Rose with a black eye. Dave never explained what that was all about, but that stemmed from an incident in 2008 in which Charlie suffered a fall off a New York City curb and then hosted his PBS talk show with the shiner later that same day. Here’s a story about that. It’s also worth pointing out: In Tuesday’s monologue, Dave omitted Gayle King’s name too.

And while we’re on the subject of Dave’s Tuesday monologue, here it is:
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