‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Preview: Aubrey O’Day Comes Back

by | April 6, 2012 at 1:51 PM | Celebrity Apprentice

After storming out following an ugly board room bashing last week, Aubrey O’Day is back in this week’s “Celebrity Apprentice” — and so is her war with Arsenio Hall.

As this week’s project manager Teresa Giudice points out, she’s nervous about leading her fractured team after Arsenio’s meltdown last week over bossy Aubrey.

“Arsenio and Aubrey … they’re like a ticking time bomb … you never know when they’re going to go off,” the Jersey Housewife says.

And we hear even more sparks fly in Sunday’s episode.

“Arsenio gets worse in the next episode, when he calls me a whore,” Aubrey reveals to Us Weekly. “He doesn’t want strong women to have too much of a voice. Typical in this industry.”

Watch the Clip Above.