Watch: O’Reilly, Stewart Battle Comically Over $4 Shrimp

Jon Stewart (left) and Bill O'Reilly (Photos: Getty Images)

Bill O’Reilly made a surprise appearance on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” Thursday on Comedy Central, all because of shrimp that cost $4 apiece.

It was a story everyone could agree on. Stewart even admitted that he agreed with Fox News Channel on it — plus all the other TV news organizations that covered the story this past week about the runaway cost of a government meeting in Las Vegas.

The story was outrageous, and you can see how “The Daily Show” covered it in the first seven minutes of the episode below, just before O’Reilly made his surprise, live appearance on the show.

Here’s the background: This Vegas meeting was arranged by and for the Government Services Administration, which is the very government agency responsible for controlling the costs of such things. When the cost of the four-day meeting held in 2010 was revealed this past week — more than $800,000, including shrimp that cost $4 apiece — the head of the GSA, Martha Johnson, resigned.

And among those who railed on the topic — especially those costly shrimp — was O’Reilly, who vowed on “The O’Reilly Factor” this week that he would never pay $4 for a shrimp. And Stewart took him up on that in a comedy bit Thursday night that featured the live, on-monitor-screen participation of O’Reilly himself.

O’Reilly turned up about seven minutes in to the show, but you should watch what comes before him in order to prepare yourself for his appearance.

Watch: Thursday’s “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” right here:
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O’Reilly first made his stance known on the $4 shrimp issue on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Tuesday — in his “Talking Points Memo.”

We happen to have Tuesday’s “Memo” right here — check it out:
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