Lisa Lampanelli Reams Out ‘Loser’ Lou Ferrigno on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

There were fireworks again on last night’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice.” But this time, the drama wasn’t just saved for the Boardroom. It all began when an irate Lisa Lapanelli unleashed her fury on Arsenio Hall for his continued rant against Aubrey O’Day. After hearing Arsenio refer to Day as a “bitch” and a “whore,” Lisa flipped out. “You’re going straight for bitch and whore?” she yelled. “Really? You better hope I’m never on your team because if anybody calls me a bitch or whore they’re gonna have way more problems when they f—ing do it.” Countered Arsenio in his confessional, “Lisa Lampanelli is the last human being on the planet that can tell me what language I should use when I’m angry. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” Added Lisa, “And don’t ruin your f—ing image and your f—ing career. You’ll be bitching and whoring and every woman in America is going to f—ing hate you.”

Watch Lisa Confront Arsenio:

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The expletive-laced anger didn’t stop there. After learning that Dee Snider had been fired instead of Dyana Mendoza or Lou Ferrigno, whom, she claimed, had two brain cells between them, Lisa screamed, “That was f—ed up, Lou. I don’t give a s— how bad you feel. That was f—ed up, And you were not an effective leader, and you had no ideas so you’re both f—ing useless.”

Despite the opening drama, Team Forte, led by Project Manager Dyana, seemed to work relatively harmoniously on their task – creating an ad for

But once in the Boardroom, communication broke down and Lisa and Lou were at each other’s throats.

“Lisa’s lucky not to be a man tonight, because I would throw her right through that wall,” Ferrigno fired off before dissing his entire team by saying Team Unanimous’s ad was better. “You called me a f—ing loser. Take it back. You’re very negative. Nobody calls Lou Ferrigno a loser.”

“If you physically threaten me again, there’s going to be a problem,” said Lisa.

“I don’t fight with women,” Lou responded. “If you were a man, you’d go straight through that wall.”

Watch Lisa and Lou’s War of Words Below:

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Ultimately, the execs picked Team Unanimous as the task winner, which left Forte on the chopping block. After carefully deliberating the team’s weaknesses, Donald Trump ruled there was “a great disloyalty” on the team and promptly fired Lou. “Take it back. I don’t want to be fired,” responded Lou, amazingly. “Lou, there’s nothing I can do,” answered Trump.

Watch Trump’s Ruling Below:

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