Maks Tells TMZ that ‘DWTS’ Plays Up Injuries

by | April 10, 2012 at 7:12 PM | Dancing With The Stars, RealityTV

Melissa & Maks on "DWTS" (ABC)

Is “Dancing with the Stars” faking it?

“DWTS” staple Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who saw dancing partner Melissa Gilbert taken away via ambulance last night, was hit up by “TMZ” about the injuries on the show. According to the site, he implied that “producers conspired to overstate the actress’ injuries to drum up ratings.”

On the video, Maks states that while the show does not fake injuries, they “do amplify it a little bit.”

He goes on to add that “I also think that some people come into the show already with previous injuries, and it just amplifies it and it becomes a problem” and that the actress just “bumped her head.”

As for Gilbert, she tells another story, postiing on her Twitter account that while she was dancing last night, she had sustained whiplash and a mild concussion during the performance.

Well, we shall see tonight. Anyway, here’s their dance…