Watch: Senior Citizen Dave Gets Useful Gift from Ricky Gervais

by | April 10, 2012 at 8:21 AM | Late Night, TV News

David Letterman shows off his senior-citizen's gift from Ricky Gervais (Photo: CBS)

It might seem hard to believe, but David Letterman is about to become an official senior citizen.

The CBS late-night star turns 65 on Thursday (April 12), and “Late Show” guest Ricky Gervais had a timely gift for him Monday night — a senior citizen metrocard usable for all New York City buses and subways (which you know Dave takes constantly to get around town — I’m kidding).

Sensitive Ricky, who must be experienced dealing with seniors, gently but clearly reminded Dave that he couldn’t use the card until Thursday.

Hopefully, that message got through to Dave, because he could not contain his enthusiasm for this perk of senior citizenship.

Dave has shown no signs recently that he plans on slowing down now that he’s entering his golden years.

Indeed, it’s clear that this newly minted senior plans to pursue an active lifestyle. Just last week, CBS announced that Dave had signed up for at least two more years as host of “Late Show” — by which time Dave will be 67.

All we can say is: Happy birthday, Dave!

Now, watch the video: Ricky Gervais marks David Letterman’s 65th birthday:
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