Deep Soap: ‘Days of Our Lives’ Fires Four Stars, ‘General Hospital’ Hires Another ‘One Life to Live’ Actor

Patrick Muldoon as Austin and Christie Clark as Carrie on Days of Our Lives (Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)

It’s deja vu all over again at “Days of Our Lives.” Last summer, the show let go several popular actors as part of the show’s “reboot.” Now, a week after letting go the show’s  headwriters of less than a year and replacing them with two writer, Chris Whitesell and Gary Tomlin, who worked on the show prior to the reboot, the show is firing four of the stars that were brought in as part of the revamp. Soap Opera Digest reports that Matt Ashford (Jack), Christie Clark (Carrie), Patrick Muldoon (Austin) and Sarah Brown (Madison) have been let go. Brown, who won multiple daytime Emmys for her work on “General Hospital,” played a character created by ousted headwrites Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Junior. The others are all veterans of the show, who have come and gone numerous times over the past two decades.

Brown suggested that DOOL has a mole on set Tweeting, “who ever leaked that story should consider that no one wants to find out they have lost their job via Twitter.” She clarified that she did not find out that she lost her job via the internet, writing, “[Executive producers] Ken Corday & Greg Meng are class, they would not do that to us. Wasn’t them who leaked it, & I didn’t hear it first on Twitter. Who leaked?”‘

Before the news broke, Meng spoke to TV Guide about the show’s abrupt  headwriter change, claiming the move was an attempt to save the show. “It was a unique situation. We have this big elephant in the room — the ratings. And we are not seeing any movement. The goal is to have a long life on NBC and we must do everything we can to get the ratings up.”

While it is unclear whether a revolving door of actors and writers is the best way to fix a struggling show,none of the returning stars storylines captured the magic of their initial runs on the show. Though Brown is one of the best actresses ever to work in daytime, Madison was poorly defined with few connections to the rest of the cast. Since, according to Meng, DOOL has already written scripts that will air in August, the departing characters will leave Salem at the end of the summer.

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Meanwhile, “General Hospital” is attempting tobattle its own rating woes with the addition of another “One Life To Live” character, Tea Delgado, played by Florencia Lozano. Lozano revealed the news to We Love Soaps when one of the site’s writers attended a play she performed in last weekend.  GH confirmed the news to Soap Opera Digest, revealing that she will first air the week of May 7.  There is no information about the duration of her appearance on the show.  OLTL ended with a cliffhanger, in which Tea’s presumed dead husband Victor (Trevor St. John) was revealed to be alive moments after hos brother Todd (Roger Howarth) was arrested for  his murder. Howarth has already made a short term appearance on GH, and will b back for a longer stint in May. With both Todd and Tea on the canvas, it seems like there will finally be some resolution regarding Victor’s fate, though there is no word on whether St. John will also be appearing on GH.

GH is also resorting to stunt casting. “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Alexis Bellino will appear on the show. She Tweeted, “I just arrived on the set of General Hospital for my 1st cameo appearance.  Exciting! I can’t reveal details, but I will soon!” Several other reality stars have appeared on soaps, including “Millionaire Matchmaker’s” Patti Stanger on DOOL and Kourtney Kardashian on OLTL.


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