Deep Soap: Crystal Chappell to Play Lesbian on ‘The Bold & the Beautiful’

Crystal Chappell (Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

Now here’s some smart casting: “The Bold & the Beautiful” has cast Crystal Chappell as Karen’s (Joanna  Johnson) girlfriend, Danielle. Yes, that’s right, girlfriend. Entertainment Weekly reports that the show’s new instant It Girl Caroline (Lindsay Godfrey) has two mommies. Chappell became a lesbian icon when her “Guiding Light” character Olivia fell in love with Natalia (Jessica Leccia). She furthered her popularity in the LGBT community by creating the online soap “Venice,” in which she plays another lesbian character. She also has legions of fans from her stints as the heterosexual Carly on “Days of Our Lives.”

It has always been ridiculous that B&B, a show set in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, has no gay characters. As anyone who has ever watched an episode of “Project Runway” knows, there are a whole lot of gay designers. If anyone has any negative reaction to the introduction of these two characters, beyond egomaniac Ridge (Ronn Moss) being a little hurt that his ex, Karen, prefers a woman to him, it will not ring true. (These characters, unlike those in “Days of Our Lives” small town Salem, should know tons of gay people.)

B&B has not revealed whether this is a short term role, or if Danielle will be a permanent part of the show. Due to Johnson’s very successful primetime writing career, Karen can only make brief appearances on the show, so unless Karen and Danielle break up, there does not seem like much of a storyline for her. If she does decide that she, like Caroline, prefers lying around in a bikini all day to the hustle and bustle of New York City (because nobody works hard in L.A.!) , the question is who will be Danielle’s love interest? Perhaps Taylor (Hunter Tylo) can learn from Karen, and finally get over Ridge by dating a woman.

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