Watch: Josh Brolin Brings Southern Cal Flavor to ‘SNL’

by | April 15, 2012 at 9:52 AM | Recap, Saturday Night Live, TV News

Josh Brolin, the star of dramatic movies such as “Jonah Hex” and “No Country For Old Men,” revealed his comedic side when he guest-hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend on NBC.

One thing we loved about the above clip: Bill Hader, Kristin Wiig and Fred Armisen were on the verge of losing their composure and bursting out laughing through most of it.

For Brolin, 44, Saturday night’s show was the second time he hosted “SNL.” In his monologue opening the show, he noted his career as an actor in “serious” movies such as “True Grit” and said he relished the opportunity presented by “SNL” to “just be stupid!”

Here’s what he had to say about that:

Talk about surprises! This next clip has Steven Spielberg suddenly showing up in Lorne Michaels’ office — at the behest, seemingly, of Bill Hader and Andy Samberg — to present a new “Laser Cats” that he, Spielberg, directed.

Watch this “Digital Short” right here:

Is the Trayvon Martin case a situation that a late-night comedy show ought to be mining for comedy? That question occurred to me more than once as I watched this next sketch in which Taran Killam did his high-pitched impersonation of CNN’s Piers Morgan. Here, the fictional “Morgan” took on the Trayvon tragedy in a sketch that doesn’t seem to have been well-received by the “SNL” studio audience. Maybe they were unsure if it was OK to laugh.

Watch this sketch and see for yourself:

Saturday’s “SNL” featured musical guest Gotye, who sang “Someone I Used to Know” and “Eyes Wide Open.”

Watch Gotye perform “Someone I Used to Know” on “SNL”:
And, as always, we have the whole show, right here:
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