‘The Good Wife’: Showdown at the Lockhart-Gardner Corral


This week’s episode of “The Good Wife“, “Pants on Fire” was on like Donkey Kong. There were more showdowns, power plays and straight up fights — of the verbal variety since this is not “Mad Men” — than on an average Monday Night Raw.

Battle one: Alicia versus Jackie.

The show picks up right where it last left off, with Alicia (Julianna Margulies) confronting Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) at the hair salon about buying her house out from under her. This is like “Dynasty” for viewers who would never get caught dead watching “Dynasty.” Instead of dunking each other in the shampoo bowls, which would have been simultaneously out of character and awesome, Alicia just calls Jackie out. Jackie says she bought the house for Peter. Alicia realizes Jackie plans to move in with him. Alicia gets Freudian on her ass, saying Jackie has finally achieved her goal of replacing her. Round one: Alicia. Except, Jackie still has the house. So Alicia asks Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) to investigate Jackie’s finances. Sadly, Jackie is not selling crack to get the down payment for the suburban dream house. But she did dip into Zack and Grace’s trust fund. Round two, Alicia. Alicia also tells Peter (Chris Noth) about his mother’s meddling, and he takes her side, ordering Jackie not to buy the house. It appears that Alicia has delivered the knockout blow — until Jackie has a convenient stroke. She seems awfully healthy, lying in her hospital bed, but not even Jackie would fake a life threatening medical problem. Or would she? She magnanimously “forgives” Alica. Peter instantly caves, apologizing for yelling at her earlier. Ultimate victor: Jackie.

Battle two: Alicia versus Mike versus Peter.

Chandler Bing has truly gone to to the dark side. Mike (Mathew Perry) drops by Alicia’s office to offer her a chance to write a minority report about the blue ribbon panel from the previous episode. The majority report will implicate Peter in the cover up of the cops who shot an innocent man. Alicia again recuses herself. Mike goes public with the blue ribbon panel and Alicia’s involvement– announcing that he’s running for governor, and that Alicia invited him to her office and offered to sign a report exonerating Peter. Round one, Mike. Alicia privately confronts him, but he just repeats his story, feeling no remorse about his blatant lies. Bad move, Mike. A furious Alicia tells both Eli and Peter that she will support Peter if he runs for governor. Peter is on the fence, because he does not think he has the support of the democratic party. That all changes when he finds himself in the same elevator as Mike. The two engage in what amounts to a measuring contest, until Mike takes it one step too far. Watch the clip and find out what Mike said that made Peter decide to run.

That’s right. He went there. He threatened to go after Alicia. Wow. Will and Alicia’s fling could look so, so bad. So Peter and Alicia make like Bill and Hillary and hold hands as Peter triumphantly announces that he is running for governor. Wow. This could be a  great season ending moment, but we have two more episode to go. Ultimate victor: To be determined

Battle three: Eli versus the political establishment

Eli (Alan Cumming) is doing such a great job advising Vanessa (Parker Posey) on her state senate campaign that the two of them end up sleeping together again. They are awesome together. Unfortunately, the democrats prefer an established political insider and are afraid that Vanessa will siphon off all the female voters, because apparently all of the women in Illinois will only vote for other women. The party will withhold its support of Peter if Eli, who is apparently the only competent campaign manager in the state, does not stop working on Vanessa’s campaign. He chooses Peter, of course, losing any chance of ever sleeping with Vanessa again. Ultimate victor: the political establishment.

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