Mitch Glazer’s ‘Magic City’ Guide: Episode 2 – What You Didn’t See During The Bat Mitzvah

Magic City (Starz)

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For the second episode episode (“Feeding Frenzy”), Glazer reveals some of the the tiny details that went into making Lauren Evans’ (Taylor Blackwell) bat mitzvah so special (hint: the magic was in the matzoh balls):

Mitch Glazer: The year I was 13 in Miami Beach, I went to friends’ Bar and Bat-mitzvahs every weekend. Some were exactly like the one in our show — the stunned kid descending stairs through pink dry ice smoke while a crowd of hundreds applauded.

I ate my first egg roll at a bar-mitzvah in the very same Deauville Hotel ballroom we shot this scene!

I’m very proud of the attention to period detail in the props in our series. Our prop master, Phil Schneider and his assistant prop master Romain Gateau, did an insane, verging on obsessed, job. At one point before a take in the Bat Mitzvah scene, Romain was running around ladling matzoh balls into the hundreds of guest bowls. I asked what he was doing and he said some of the bowls had two rather than three matzoh balls in them. I told him that it was wide shot of Lauren descending the stairs and no one would ever see the bowls let alone the number of matzoh balls. Romain nodded, said, “I will” and ran off with his tureen and ladle. He’s right. God is in the details!

Check Out the Bat Mitzvah Below – Can You See the Matzoh Balls?

[iframe—Feeding-Frenzy/embed?skipTo=2799 580 476]

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