Watch: Anarchy Erupts on ‘Hannity’ After On-Air F-Bomb

by | April 17, 2012 at 10:45 AM | TV News

Outspoken Fox News Channel contributor Bob Beckel dropped an F-bomb aimed at a fellow panelist Monday night when he thought he was off the air.

But unbeknownst to Beckel, he was on live television because the show he was on — “Hannity” — had just come back from a commercial break while Beckel was in the midst of berating Jennifer Stefano, the other guest.

Stefano, an outspoken conservative, had apparently said something during the previous segment to tick off Beckel, who is also a panelist on the FNC show “The Five” and one of the few liberals on the Fox News payroll.

So, on “Hannity,” the apparently irritable Beckel was seen and heard yelling at Stefano, “You don’t know what the [F-word] you’re talking about!”

That was jarring enough, but what followed was just as jaw-dropping as host Sean Hannity tried to make Beckel understand that he had just used a forbidden four-letter word on the air, while Beckel, at least at first, stubbornly refused to believe it.

Finally, Beckel issued a begrudging apology on the show, and later via Twitter. “I apologize to anyone who heard me on Hannity,” he tweeted. “I honestly thought we were off air. I just may not be cut out for the tv business. Peace.” And later, he added: “Thanks for supportive words. helped get me up this AM still feel down and ashamed you who want me fired I understand but it was a mistake.”

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