‘Revenge’ Stars Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler on The Love Triangle, The Murder and The Hoodie

Revenge stars Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler (ABC)

Revenge” finally returns this Wednesday, after leaving fans in suspense for a month and a half. When we last checked in with the Hamptons’ most twisted residents, Daniel (Josh Bowman) had been arrested for the murder of Tyler (Ashton Holmes). In the upcoming episode, “Doubt,” Jack becomes a focus of the investigation. Nick Wechsler, who plays the working-class hero who just wants to help rebuild Haiti, and Gabriel Mann, who plays everyone’s favorite misunderstood billionaire Nolan, reveal how far Jack will go to track down Amanda (Margarita Leveiva), whether Emily (Emily VanCamp) will let him be implicated in a murder he did not commit, and why their two very different characters have become Best Bros Forever.

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The preview clips reveal that Jack and his hoodie are going to become a suspect in Tyler’s murder.

Mann: The hoodie should be getting billing above all of us at this point. It’s become a character unto itself on the show.

Wechsler: I shouldn’t have held onto to that, huh?

Mann: No. I tried to warn him.

Wechsler: Look, I was trying to help a lady out that I have a big crush on and then she won’t return my calls.

Mann: It’s kind of pathetic. When you just said that, it kind of reminded me, some people inquire how could two characters like Jack and Nolan be friends on the show? Why would they ever be friends? But just hearing Nick say that right now, it makes perfect sense because neither of us have many friends actually, our characters – or us, in real life either. So, I think our characters have bonded through that common theme, that we are trying to figure out who to trust and who is real and is genuine in this atmosphere of backstabbing and vengeful behavior.

Is Jack the New Suspect?

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How far will Jack go to find Amanda? Will he try to track her down in Montreal?

Wechsler: That’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Mann: Maybe. Maybe that will happen.

Wechsler: It sounds exactly like what is going to happen.

Mann: But being that we are the show we are, it might not.

Wechsler: We’ll say maybe. But maybe that’s exactly what will happen. He has a hell of a time letting go of that girl because he’s in love with her and because she is that girl from his past, as far as he knows. As far as my character’s concerned, the next two or three episodes, almost all the way up to the finale, deal in part at least with him learning to let go of her.

Mann: And then continuing to search sometimes futilely [or] sometimes successfully for the deeper truth of the situation, with characters like myself coming in to lead him in various directions. The fact that he is as close to the truth as he is character-wise at this point in the series is a miracle and a testament to the fact that Jack is probably the brains behind the whole operation, obviously. Kidding.

Wechsler: But maybe Sammy the Wonder Dog is running things.

Is Jack Going to Montreal?

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Is there going to be a spin-off that stars Sammy, the hoodie and the whale camera?

Mann: There should be. It sounds like an animated taste treat.

Wechsler: ABC, listen up.

Mann: ABC Family, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim?

Will Emily Rat Out Takeda?

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Emily knows who killed Tyler and could save both Jack and Daniel. After everything she’s put Jack through, is she going to help him in the upcoming episodes?

Wechsler: I think she feels bad. She does do things. Like she’ll push [Nolan] on me to try to get me out of harm’s way. But there’s also an opportunity for them to connect further, for a deepening of their connection.

Mann: Don’t we all want to see Team Jack win?

Wechsler: I do.

Mann: I think what will be interesting will be considering how deep Emily’s character has gotten involved in this love triangle situation at this point. It will be interesting to see what she does with the circumstances that have presented themselves at this point and the fact that, really, for Emily’s character, both Jack and Nolan have become a complication for her that she can’t seem to get away from and it will only get much, much more complicated by the time we wrap up the season.

Daniel Gets a Bloody Taste of Prison:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Revenge/143174/2222201707/I-m-always-going-to-be-by-your-side/embed 580 476]


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