‘Survivor: One World’ Power Rankings – Sophie Clarke vs. Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade

"Coach' Wade vs. Sophie Clarke (CBS)In honor of “Survivor: One World’s” men vs. women theme, it has been decided that XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” guy Gordon Holmes should lead a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” guys against a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” gals.

The Rules: Each week a representative from each team will create separate Power Rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Troyzan is voted out this week, Sophie’s team will receive 9 points and Coach’s will receive 7 points. At the end of the season, the team with the most points will be named the “Survivor: One World” Power Rankings Challenge Champions.

Last Week: Gordon managed to prove that he’s smarter than a coffee mug. He had Jay in spot ten, while the mug had him in spot seven. Gordon must be so proud. The current score is now Team Salani 72, Team Manono 52.

Before we get into this week’s battle, let’s check in with Power Rankings fave Benjamin “Coach” Wade…

Gordon Holmes: Great to have you back, Coach. What’ve you been up to since we last saw you on “South Pacific”?
Benjamin “Coach” Wade: I’ve been up to Dragon Slayer Radio, conducting symphony concerts this week…i.e. Musica De Espana including a Latin Symphony I wrote. Working on finalizing things for hosting my own show, coaching college soccer, etcetera.

Holmes: Are you enjoying “One World”?
Wade: Yes. Good cast (not great, but good) and great twists and turns. It’s been a fun ride

Holmes The guys just got steamrolled this season. Was there anything they could have done to prevent it?
Wade: For every hayseed “Survivor” casts, 10 I.Q. points = 1 dumb move. Therefore, if someone has the I.Q. of 120 (below average) and they are a country bumpkin, then you take away 10 points=110. Because a smart player has a game I.Q. of say 145…145-110=35=at least 3 bad moves.

Hayseed #1: Jay
Hayseed #2: Michael
Hayseed #3: Troyzan


In answer to your question; stop casting hayseeds on the male side. There is nothing they can do now except charm, win immunity, and make a case for dumb moves = a lame duck in the final three.

Note: Assisting Coach with his rankings is “Survivor” blogger extraordinaire Brenda Porter!

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Current Score: 72

Got any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter.


Current Score: 52

Got any advice for Coach? Drop him a line on Twitter.


1. Kimpossible, Kimsanity, Kim.goddess. Anyone with this many nicknames is a frontrunner. 1. Hands down the best female player since Parvati Shallow in my opinion. She has it all: strength in strategy, challenges, highly competitive, she also has a subtle style that she employs around people that she can get them to do whatever she wants and people trust her. Case in point: Jay and Troyzan and even Tarzan. She can handle herself at Tribals and state her points without those points coming back to bite her. People know she is strong but no one (except Troyzan) wants to take her out. She is unruffled when plans are going amok and can stay cool under any tough situation. She will take it this season, I feel.
2. Sabrina is tough. She seems to be at the top of her alliance and, unlike Kim who saw some votes at Tribal Council last week, she hasn’t drawn any attention to herself. 2. She is very smart strategically but I am not seeing a lot of the social game except from just within her circle. She has shown herself fair in challenges but she has common sense and good game judgment and Kim trusts her. She’s also shown leadership characteristics in old Salani. She seems good strategically and is strategically better than Chelsea.
3. Kim’s lackey was a bit too reluctant to vote out her boy Jay last week. She did eventually vote him out, but her wishy washyness makes me question if she has what it takes to actually win this game. 3. Chelsea is smart but lacks the killer instincts that are needed to win in the game. She reminds me of Amanda (Kimmel) who is someone who made the Finals in back-to-back seasons due to her social game and challenge strengths but struggled with the character decisions she would have to make in order to succeed in the game. Chelsea is wishy washy at times and leaked info to Jay that she shouldn’t have. Her alliance with Kim will take her to the Finals. She has a very solid social game and reminds me of both Natalie White and Amanda. She does seem to be developing the killer instinct more though, more so out of greed for the money.
4. Kat is safe this week. I don’t think anyone on the island sees her as a threat to win the game and she is a member of the seemingly unbreakable girls alliance. Then again, maybe once the girls find out that Kat is actually just Fabio with a haircut, they will cut her loose. 4. Kat comes across as rather unsure of a lot of things but has a lock in within the power alliance and knows she will need to tread water to stay in. She is on the outer rung of a power alliance. She has strength in challenges and can step up and play hard but she lacks in some of the social aspects and strategies.
5. Alicia is the odd girl out of the girl’s alliance and, unlike the other stragglers Kat and Chelsea, Alicia isn’t one to be content taking the backseat. If Alicia wants to make a move for more power, she needs to do it sooner rather than later. 5. Whereas she is very observant she can make waves and has done so at Tribals and in camp. This almost cost her before and even Jay recognized this. It can cost her again.
6. Whatever hatred your tribemates had for you has been replaced by a belief that you are in no way a threat. That’s good for keeping you around, but not so good for your bank account when the game is over. You might make it to the end, but there’s no way the jury is giving you this game. 6. She has intelligence but has not found a way into the power alliance and I feel will exit early due to not having found it. Socially she is quiet and gets along with people but she has played both sides before and that can be dangerous especially if you have two people fighting for control and one possesses the absolute control (Kim).
7. The girls are picking off the challenge threats, and Tarzan is not one of them. Plus, they need to keep around the eye candy, right? 7. He made and allowed too many poor decisions early and will have to stay in because of an immunity. He is strong challenge wise but like Ozzy his arrogance will cost him. If he could get his act together he could easily be what he is, which is Kim’s counterpart on the island. Instead, like Ozzy, he is allowing some arrogance to seep through because he realizes that Kim has him cornered. If he would just calm down and use his natural honed abilities he could flip this game still on its head but instead he is letting Kim get under his skin.
8. Leif performed well in the challenge last week and if Troyzan wins immunity this week, he is next on the chopping block. 8. Though a funny character to watch, his tendency to rub people the wrong way and lack of social etiquette makes him a perfect “goat” for the Finals. I think he lacks a solid game but will be taken deeper as an extra vote and as a backup goat if needed for Kim. Thing is I doubt she will use him and take Chelsea to the Finals and if a F3 Sabrina also.
9. Troyzan is likeable, a great challenge competitor, and idol-less. He was lucky to survive last week but I doubt he will be so lucky again. 9.  Leif  is too trusting, too nice, and voted against Kim last Tribal even though I am sure he knew Jay was going. Leif is not playing the game and seems to just be out there for the adventure perhaps. Earlier on he spilled info to Bill while on the Manono side and I think he doesn’t realize that to stay in the game you have to make numbers with people and play as you go. I don’t think he understands the game fully.
The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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