‘Revenge’: Sex, Lies & Mason Treadwell’s Video Tapes

Revenge (ABC)

Revenge” is a show of coincidental cultural relevance. Its early episodes aired at the same time that the Occupy Wall Street movement ignited a national debate about income inequality and the role that investment bankers — like the Graysons — played in the recession. It gave the soap a deeper meaning. After a far too lengthy hiatus, the show returned with a new episode, “Doubt,” that centered around framing an outsider in a wealthy enclave — who happened to be wearing a hoodie — for murder. Given that during the show’s hiatus the hoodie became a symbol of a notorious real life shooting, in which the suspect initially used his connections to get out of being charged, “Revenge” has once again managed to seem like it’s commenting on reality. Yes, this recap’s pretentious analytical opening paragraph can only mean one thing: Mason Treadwell is back! Everyone’s favorite Red Sharpie target joins the 21st century, plus Victoria hooks up, Daniel has trouble in lock up, and Emanda beats someone up. Read on to find out which of these scenarios is the scene of the week.

Victoria (Madeline Stowe)  hires an artist to sketch the mysterious Man in the Hoodie. Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) professes not to have seen his face because it was dark, neglecting to mention that she was also high as a kite. Declan (Connor Paolo), dressed like Erik Van Der Woodsen for his first day of prep school, claims that he couldn’t see the person’s face either. Victoria wants to claim it was Amily, but then hits on the strategy of targeting Jack and describes him tot he artist. Why a sketch circulated by the defense, not the police, would be taken seriously by anyone is never explained. Emanda (Emily VanCamp), trying to protect Jack, says that they shouldn’t taint the jury pool by going after Montauk’s favorite son. She suggests they get Mason Treadwell on Team Daniel.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann)  finds Mason (Roger Bart) drinking a wine cooler on a park bench. Hee! He describes his typewriter as “an unsightly heap of molten dreams.” Can these two well-dressed wordsmiths find love? Nolan suggests that Amily set up Daniel (Joshua Bowman). He thinks if Mason wrote about it, it would be a great conclusion to the David Clark saga. Emanda persuades luddite Mason to start a blog , The Treadwell Report. Yes, it actually exists. Well done, ABC interactive.

Mason warns Jack that he will take the fall unless he goes on record and says that Amanda set him up. Jack boots him out of the bar. Nolan sends Jack to Montreal to find Amily in the hope of keeping him out of further trouble. Declan tells Mason that Charlotte made up the story about the man in the hoodie because she was on drugs. He went along with the story for Daniel’s sake. The Treadwell Report publishes Declan’s claims, thereby discrediting the Hoodie Theory. A vengeful Charlotte tells Declan he flunked the prep school entrance exam. The painkillers are making Charlotte more articulate, because she sounds Treadwellesque when she tells him he’s just another puppet in the Grayson play and it’s time for his exit.

Mason gets an IM fron “anonymous” claiming he knows who really torched his house. Mason thinks it’s Amanda. Anonymous tells him to check the drawer for his tapes — and that Victoria was the one who torched his house. Sure enough, his tapes are in Victoria’s drawer. Anonymous is, of course, Emanda. Victoria orders Mason to retract his story about Charlotte and Declan. He refuses, epically insulting her, before revealing that he knows she burned down his house – and found his tapes. Victoria insists it was Amanda, but Mason isn’t buying it.

Victoria asks Poor Man’s Channing Tatum, AKA the thug who beat up Jack a few episodes ago, to “send a message to an inmate at Rikers.” Two inmates beat up a shirtless Daniel in the prison showers. Oh, Victoria, you practice the toughest of love. But, good job. The judge grants him house arrest. Victoria meets PMCT at a Manhattan bar so she can complain that Daniel was beaten too severely. Emanda snaps a photo of the two of them together since they were dumb enough to meet in public.

This must be the only dive bar in the city, because lo and behold, a hot, artsy guy buys “Victoria Harper” a drink. It’s a Man from her Past, Dominick (James Purefoy). Moments later they are having sex against the wall of his studio. That’s one way to celebrate successfully arranging your son’s beating. He wanders around shirtless showing her the unfinished portraits of her that he has kept for the past two decades lamenting that he never got over her. This guy is what the guys on “Girls” will be like when they hit middle age. Victoria researches Dominick and learns he has been accused of art forgery. Conrad warns her to be discreet about her affairs. Well, Conrad is the expert on affairs. She accuses him of leading Mason to the tapes. He denies it.

Victoria tells Daniel that Emanda might have fired the two fatal shots after Daniel was knocked out. He threatens to confess if she accuses Emanda.

Emanda puts on her two-dollar wig to flirt with PMCT in the dive bar. She gets him to tells her what he did for the Graysons. Emanda lures PMCT to an alley where she says, “This is for Jack” then kicks the crap out of him. She knocks him out, makes an imprint of his key, and says, “that was for Daniel.” Do you buy size-zero Emanda making like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? On one hand, she is tall, has martial arts training and the thug was drunk and surprised. On the other, PMCT beat the hell out of Jack. Watch and decide for yourself because this is the scene of the week.

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