Deep Soap: Major Characters Return to Two Soaps

Sean Kanan stars as Deacon Sharpe on"The Bold and the Beautiful." (CBS)

Major Characters Return to “B&B” and “General Hospital”

Sean Kanan is bringing his character, Deacon, back to “The Bold & the Beautiful.” Deacon was last seen in prison on “The Young & the Restless”, where he was arrested for blackmailing Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) about killing Diane. Deacon has far more to do in his original stomping grounds, Los Angeles. He is the biological father of both Hope and Little Eric, and the ex of Amber, Brooke and Bridget.  According to TV Guide, Deacon will be working with Bill to break up Hope and Liam. If it’s because he thinks his pill-popping  daughter deserves someone better than the fickle Liam, than bring it on. Otherwise, I’d much rather see him reunite with Brooke, and remind her that she’s a force of nature, not just a meddling parent.

The character of Kristina will be returning to “General Hospital” with daytime newcomer Lindsey Morgan assuming the role. TV Line reports that Kristina will head back to Port Charles after learning that her father, Sonny, bought her spot at Yale. The role was last played by the Emmy nominated Lexi Ainswoth. Many fans wondered why the show opted to recast, Ainsworth tweeted, “I won’t be reprising the role of Kristina. I loved her but I’ve also loved being free to do film. I enjoyed meeting [Executive Producer]  Frank [Valentini] & I know you will love the new Kristina that he has found. I learned so much from my GH home & want to grow further.” The always candid Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Kristina’s mother Alexis followed up with an explanation that it was Ainsworth’s decision not to return to GH. ““Lexi’s already got offers 4 many primetime projects. She didn’t want 2 sign contract. & Kristina contract role. IMO she made right decision.” Since leaving GH, Ainsworth has filmed a movie for the Hallmark channel and guest-starred on “Criminal Minds.”

“Days of Our Lives” Keeps Its Meatiest Drama Off-Screen

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There’s a hot new soap that, unfortunately, is not on television. I call it “Days of Our Lives” off-camera. On DOOL O.C., Stefano (Joseph Mascalo) offered Sami (Alison Sweeney) the job of president of Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics. Nicole(Arianne Zucker) learned that Stefano tampered with the results of Salem;’s mayoral election in an attempt to keep his son E.J. (James Scott) from winning, and Nicole found out about it. DOOL O.C. is also where Stefano learned that E.J. was not his son. (Okay, there was a cryptic scene of him distraught after reading a letter related to the Alice Horton’s Secret storyline, but no real follow up for months.) DOOL O.C. is a great show — at least in my mind — since I have to imagine all of these important scenes that the show opted not to show so, I guess, we could have more scenes of John and Hope being hypnotized in Alamania.

The show’s recent writer shake-up, and the revelation by departing headwriter Marlene McPherson that NBC vetoed most of her planned storylines, indicates that there were a lot of last minute changes and cooks in the kitchen. But why deny the viewers important, interesting scenes? It would have been so much fun to see Stefano offer a wary Sami her dream job — especially since the two have decades of bad blood between them. I initially thought I missed a day of the show when Kate, who seemingly was handed divorce papers in the prior episode, barged into Sami’s apartment to confront her about stealing her company. If Stefano’s sabotage was not a rewrite, than it was so poorly set-up  — in that it happened entirely off-camera — that it comes across as one.

I am doing my best to reserve judgment on the twist that E.J. is no longer a DiMera, though my gut tells me that stripping the character of his evil family will make him far less interesting, but a game changer like this should have been carefully developed, and perhaps revealed to the audience before E.J. found out so that Stefano’s behavior would make sense.  Soap Storytelling 101 dictates that major plot twists should not happen off-screen. DOOL, please make the show I am actually watching as good as the one you are not letting me see.

The Bold & the Beautiful Showcases Strapless Evening Gowns for Men

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The Bold & the Beautiful” had the week’s funniest scenes, when Amber (Adrienne Frantz)used photoshop to convince Caroline (Linsey Godfrey)that Rick (Jacob Young)was a cross dresser who enjoyed modeling Forrester evening gowns as part of his design process. I applaud this fresh take on romantic sabotage. Both Rick, and the male model that Amber convinced to pose for the pictures, looked less than fabulous in the chocolate colored gown. It was a hilarious visual. This was one of Amber’s smarter schemes in that it did not involve getting anyone hooked on drugs or lying about a baby’s paternity. No one was harmed, but the poor dress which required significant alterations. It was plausible that Caroline would be a little freaked out by seeing the “softer side” of Rick, though I would have loved it if the allegedly hip New Yorker, who we know from spoilers was raised by her lesbian mother, had shrugged it off and revealed that she had dated men with far more unusual fetishes before.


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