Jenna Fischer on ‘Office’ Mates: We All Want Another Season

Jenna Fischer in "The Office" (Photo: NBC)

“Office” gal Jenna Fischer says she and her castmates on the NBC sitcom still don’t know if their series is coming back for a ninth season next fall. And they’re hoping it does.

“It’s not up to me,” said Fischer, in an interview in New York with The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m just an actor,” she said, “but the actors are all prepared and wanting to come back — the whole cast. I’m talking about everybody — Ed [Helms], John [Krasinski], me, everyone is wanting to come back. So it’s really just a matter of NBC pulling the trigger. They have to announce it by [mid-May] when the upfronts happen, right? So we’re all just waiting. We’re really excited to come back, everybody wants to come back.”

The THR story notes that “many” in the cast are still unsigned for a ninth season. And at least two of them — Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute, and Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly Kapoor and is also a producer/writer on the show — have new projects in development.

Wilson’s working on a prospective spinoff of “The Office” that will revolve around his Dwight Schrute character. And Kaling is developing her own sitcom for Fox.

But Fischer believes even these two could work part-time for “The Office” if the show gets picked up for another go-round. “I know Rainn does have his show,” Fischer said, “but he’s going to come back to ‘The Office’ as well, so yeah, we’re just waiting.”

As for Kaling and her new show, “that doesn’t mean she’s gone forever,” Fischer said. “Listen, Mindy writes on our show, so we actually only get her for a couple of shooting days every week anyway, so I don’t know if that’s something [that] can be worked out.”

Of course, the future of “The Office” is not up to Jenna Fischer or any of the cast members. That’s NBC’s decision, and that can go either way.

The story of “The Office” this season has been a steady decline in ratings and an undercurrent of grumbling from critics and long-time fans about the quality of the show since Ed Helms’ character of Andy Bernard took over as office honcho following Steve Carell’s exit. Last Thursday’s new episode (available for you to watch, below) drew just 4.3 million, about half of what the series used to average at the height of its popularity.

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