Mitch Glazer’s ‘Magic City’ Guide: Episode 3 – The Perfect Balance of Awkward and Screwball

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ike Evans and Olga Kurylenko as Vera Evans in Magic City (Photo: Starz Entertainment)

Join us each week as “Magic City” writer-creator Mitch Glazer offers an insider’s guide to one critical scene from the 50s-era drama after it airs on Starz (Fridays, 10/9c).

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For the third episode episode (“Castles Made of Sand”), Glazer explains how he took an uncomfortable moment amongst Ike (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Vera (Olga Kurylenko), Cliff (Steven Brand) and Meg (Kelly Lynch) — and hiked the awkwardness level up to 11.

Mitch Glazer: I love the scene where Ike, Vera, Cliff and Meg meet outside the Miramar Playa. All four actors were so locked in character — the edge, competition and awkwardness between Vera and Meg and Ike’s irritation and jealousy over the smooth Cliff — gave the scene a real giddy life. Between takes Ed Bianchi, our director, and I kept giving the actors moments to surprise each other with: Ike following Meg, calls Vera “Verna,” and on his way to the car, we had Cliff hand Ike his champagne glass as if Ike was his waiter. The scene, even on set, had a true screwball feel to it.

Watch the Scene Below:

[iframe—Castles-Made-Of-Sand/embed?skipTo=2340 580 476]

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