Paula Deen Campaigns for ‘SNL’ Guest-Host Gig

Paula Deen (Photo: Getty Images)

Food Network firebrand Paula Deen says she would love to guest-host “Saturday Night Live,” even though the show has savagely skewered her more than once in satiric sketches.

Nevertheless, Radaronline reports that Deen is applying a full-court pastry press in her campaign to land an “SNL” guest-hosting gig.

Her strategy: Ply executive producer Lorne Michaels with baked goods. Radar says Deen sent Michaels “a huge basket of cookies, cupcakes and pastries.”

The story even quotes Deen describing her desire to guest-host “SNL,” despite the way she’s been depicted on the show.

“I never miss an opportunity to laugh, even if it’s at myself,” Deen is quoted as saying.

“I want to be on ‘Saturday Night Live’ so bad I can hardly stand it,” she said. “I think it would be a hoot!”

Our take: Somehow, we never figured Paula Deen to be the comedic type, although her TV persona is so outlandish at times that she can come across as comical.

Apparently, the writers at “SNL” think so too. They’ve written sketches about Deen at least twice, with Kristen Wiig — in a wig — lampooning Deen’s extreme southern accent.

We found the two sketches in our clip archives. We invite you to watch them with this question in mind: If you were Paula Deen, would you go on “SNL” after seeing these?

In this first one, Wiig as Deen turns up on “Weekend Update”:
[iframe 580 476]
In the second, “Paula” endorses a new brand of extra-absorbent paper towels:
[iframe 580 476]
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