Joel McHale Gets Frisky on ‘The View’

Joel McHale of 'Community' (Photo: NBC)

With his NBC hit “Community” back on the air after a months-long hiatus, Joel McHale is feeling good — really good.

The star arrived on “The View” this morning with some pep in his step and a whole lot of love for the ladies he so often lampoons. Upon entering the set, Joel McHale gave the standard cheek kiss to the show’s co-hosts, but saved a little something special for one of them.

When he stopped to say hello to Whoopi Goldberg, who had earlier discussed hand massage being a turn-on for her, McHale brought out his A-game and gave her mitts a rub.

Later on, after Barbara Walters played a segment from McHale’s other show, “The Soup,” in which he mocked Walters for claiming to be an “authority on men’s premature ejaculation,” both the host and McHale demonstrated their good nature when it comes to taking jabs.

“We talked to doctors, so I know what should be done [about premature ejaculation.],” joked Walters. “If you’d like me to talk to your wife, I will give you my private number.”

“So you are going to join us, is what you’re staying?” McHale asked the suddenly flustered host.

When it finally came to the question on every “Community” fan’s lips – whether or not Chevy Chase would return to the show – McHale was just as happy to give his two cents.

“Of course. Yeah, he’ll be back,” said McHale. “He’s like a tiger when he’s on set; you poke him and he does what he’s told.”

Here’s a clip of McHale discussing the show.

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