‘American Idol’ Drops Down to Final Five, Who Got Cut?

Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh on American Idol (Michael Becker / FOX)

Finally, poor Elise Testone has been put out of her misery. After weeks of landing in the bottom three, “American Idol‘s” oldest contestant was sent home. The Band-Aid was ripped off. But not before one final humiliation—Elise getting coached by TMZ about how not to look like she is frowning at all times. (This after last night’s humiliation of an intro video in which all the contestants point out Elise’s fakey nervous giggle after everything she says.) Unfortunately, the coaching came too late. The perpetual sourpuss no longer has to put on a fake smile, now that she is off our screens.

Jimmy Iovine saw Elise’s elimination coming (well, unless you consider that he’s predicted it just about every week of the competition). In his analysis of last night’s show, he said her Queen song came off as “clubby” and her Hendrix number fell apart. “Elise has a problem—she’s a great singer, but she made bad choices,” he said.

Also making bad choices tonight was Season 10’s Casey Abrams, who made the terrible decision of moving in with Tent Girl it seems. He’s grown out his hair and his beard in some erratic mountain-man fashion. Dude looks insane.

And one last bad choice: Casey’s buddy, Season 10’s Stefano Langone deciding to put the mic down by his side while he’s still supposedly singing his new single “I’m on a Roll.”

Now on to good choices: Phillip Phillips skipping out on the Ford music video. Poor Phillip, though, he’s pretty sick, explains Jimmy. Still, the guy got no sympathy from his coach, who said he was lacking energy to pull off his Queen song, and that this was not the time to sing a Dave Matthews song when everyone already thinks you are trying to be just like Dave Matthews. Jimmy was glad that Phillip’s performance divided the judges, though. “When they agree all the time, I fall asleep.”

Really good choices, according to Jimmy: Jessica Sanchez tugging on our heart strings with “Dance With My Father,” and Joshua Ledet doing everything that he does, and doing it amazingly well.

Besides Elise, Hollie Cavanagh’s shaky “Save Me” landed her in the bottom three. And Skylar Laine’s country number, “self-indulgent,” according to Jimmy, sent her into the third spot. She was the first to be sent back to safety, and finally, Hollie followed, with Elise signging off with a reprise of her best performance of the season, Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.”

Ryan Seacrest reminded Elise that erstwhile mentor Stevie Nicks offered to hire her. “Let’s take her up on that,” he said. “Ok,” responded Elise. [Nervous giggle.]

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