‘Revenge’ Shocking Truth: Emily Discovers Who Killed Her Father

Emily VanCamp in Revenge (ABC)

This week’s episode of “Revenge” (“Justice”) puts on its best procedural outfit and goes to court. The show knows that anybody who wants to watch a legal drama on Wednesday nights will go with “Law & Order: SVU,” so there’s not a lot of time wasted on testimony or opening statements or accurate depictions of legal proceedings. In fact, we just jump right into day 15 of Daniel’s trial, because why the hell not?

It’s now winter in New York, which means that there is snow in all the exterior shots, and everyone is wearing muted colors. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) has replaced his pastels with wool blazers, but he is still the preppy’s preppy.

The prosecutor makes his case with a hilarious, probably totally illegal reenactment of Tyler’s murder featuring some actor in a white dinner jacket falling to the ground. Declan (Connor Paolo) is going to be the final witness. Wouldn’t his accent render his testimony unreliable?

Meanwhile, Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) search for Amily has led him to Boston. He comes home to support his brother. He has idiotically kept the tell tale hoodie that links him to the crime scene . Dude, why didn’t you toss it in a dumpster in Beantown? He does not want Declan to lie on the stand to protect him. He also plans to throw himself under the bus if it will save Amily. Whether it’s Haitians or strippers, Jack is determined to be Captain Save a Lot.

Team Grayson’s legal strategy hinges on Emanda (Emily VanCamp) testifying that Daniel (Josh Bowman)  is too dreamy to commit murder. Their attorney thinks a female juror is especially convinced of Daniels guilt. Emanda watches an old news report about how one of the jurors was removed from David Clarke’s case when her husband was killed. She has bugged the Grayson estate and hears Victoria (Madeline Stowe) plotting with Poor Man’s Channing Tatum to mess with the juror’s kid. It makes her wonder if the Graysons tampered with her father’s jury as well. She asks the Nolan the magic question: did you bring the Whale Cam? Oh, Shamu, we have missed you! Nolan warns her that if she busts the Graysons for jury tampering it could backfire and make Daniel look guilty.

Victoria is still sleeping with Dominick (James Purefoy) the poseur artist, who seems to exist solely to ensure that there is someone more annoying than Declan on”Revenge.” She tells him she left him the first time because she thought that “if he burned her she would turn to ash,” then she married Conrad for money until she fell for David Clarke. Isn’t she trying to keep her affair with a terrorist a secret? Conrad (Henry Czerny) pays him a visit, threatening to have him and Victoria charged in an old scheme to sell people fraudulent paintings if Dominick does not leave town. He better Vincent Van Go Away.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Revenge/143174/2227319325/Justice/embed?skipTo=2342 580 476]

Daniel tells Victoria he would have fired all three bullets at Tyler if he had the chance. Apparently spending even a few days in jail turns people into career criminals. Victoria tells Daniel’s lawyer to subpoena Jack and asks Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) to get Declan to corroborate her story of seeing a man in a hoodie at the crime scene. Charlotte tells Declan that if he tells the truth, she will get back together with him. It almost works until the voice of reason, Nolan, interrupts them mid-kiss to tells Declan that the Graysons want Jack to take the fall.

PMCT tells the female juror that if she doesn’t vote to acquit he will kill her son. Fortunately, the threat has been captured on Whale Cam.

Declan lies on the stand, saying there was no one else on the beach that night and Charlotte was imagining things because she was high. Jack tells Nolan about his hoodie and his plan of telling the truth and wrecking his life. Our hero calls Emanda with the line of the week: “Jack’s been sitting — not literally — on a hoodie that links him to the murder.” Thanks for clarifying!

At Emanda’s request, he takes Jack for a drive to make out, er search for Declan. As she leaves, Daniel watches from his porch as she ignores a call from him. He is drinking straight out of the bottle. Emanda searches Jack’s closet for the telltale hoodie then breaks a lamp so it looks like a robbery. She returns home to find Daniel in her living room, in violation of his house arrest.  He accuses her of having an affair with Jack. The cops arrest Daniel. Emanda tells Victoria that she has been getting closer to Jack to get information about Amily.

Jack comes home to a trashed house. He points out to Declan that nothing is missing and, in a rare smart moment, realizes someone stole the hoodie.

PMCT is pulled over because someone called in an Amber Alert. The cops find the bloody hoodie in his trunk. Nolan points out to Emanda that Jack’s DNA could be all over the fleece. She reminds him that PMCT beat up Jack. Nolan tells Jack that he thinks the Graysons are behind both his beating and the theft. They set him up to protect Daniel. Jack logically points out that Declan and Nolan are the only ones who know about the hoodie, Maybe spending time near all the colleges in Boston made him more intelligent. Nolan suggests PMCT could be guilty.

PMCT phones Victoria from prison. He warns her if he’s going down he’s taking her with him. Conrad overhears. He wants to know what she has done. She explains that Lee was set up, suggesting Jack did it to protect Amanda.  Emanda listens in as Conrad worries this will all unravel. Then he tells her he got rid of Dominick.

The episode ending montage has to be seen to be believed. Kudos to the editor. Daniel writes Emanda a jailhouse letter confessing to firing the first shot because Tyler made him doubt her, he vows he is going to end this now. Cut to Victoria rushing to Dominick’s empty loft. Cut to the lawyer rushing down the prison hallway. Watch the clip above to find out what happened next.

Holy plot twist. Daniel did not do anything. PMCT has hung himself in prison. In fact, Daniel overhears the commotion, confused. Brooks tells him what happened and says, “Still want to change your plea?I didn’t think so.”

Emanda watches footage from David Clark’s trial and listens to Conrad talking to someone about his fear that PMCT will talk. Whoa. Conrad had PMCT killed! Now she thinks the Graysons murdered her father. How much further can she go in her quest to destroy them?



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