‘Vampire Diaries’ Boss Previews Mystic Falls’ Most Horrifying School Dance Yet

Nina Dobrev as Elena and Paul Wesley as Stefan in The Vampire Diaries (Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW)

It’s amazing that school dances are still legal in Mystic Falls. Every time the characters on”Vampire Diaries” get dressed up and head to the gym, all hell breaks lose. Tonight’s episode, “Do Not Go Gentle,” just might top all of its predecessors in terms of the longterm impact of what transpires. As established last week, the theme of this year’s Decade Dance is the 1920s, the era when Stefan (Paul Wesley) met Klaus (Joseph Morgan)  and Rebekah (Claire Holt). Unfortunately, Rebekah will not be able to attend the dance that she planned since her mother, Esther, swapped bodies with her and forged an alliance with Ric’s murderous alter ego so that she could get her hands on the white oak stake that has the power to kill Originals. Executive producer Julie Plec teases, “It’s a really sad episode in which Tyler [Michael Trevino] wears a bad ass fedora, Matt [Zach Roerig] wields a rifle, Jeremy brandishes a crossbow, and the beautiful Caroline Forbes [Candice Accola] has found an excellent lipstick dress color hue match and fends off multiple suitors.”

The “really sad” part of the episode is top secret and involves all of the characters that Plec did not mention, including Ric (Matt Davis), Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan and Damon — as well as those that she did. Yes, it’s one of those rare instances when the whole cast ends up together. In classic TVD fashion, it appears that something major has taken place until a surprise twist results in something else equally huge happening. Hint: there will be blood.

Preview Tonight’s Episode:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Vampire-Diaries/104525/2227121935/The-Vampire-Diaries—Do-Not-Go-Gentle-Producer-s-Preview/embed 580 476]

Tyler’s bad ass fedora is his costume for the dance. Everyone looks spectacular, especially Bonnie (Kat Graham) and her date, Jamie (Robert Ri’chard), who may regret deciding to go on a date with the beautiful witch by the end of the evening.

Matt’s rifle and Jeremy’s crossbow come into play when Esther and Ric’s scheme traps all the vampires on school property, leaving the sidekicks to play hero. It’s a good thing that Ric trained Jeremy before his dark passenger took over.

Caroline’s suitors are of course Tyler, who must hide that he has broken his sire bond with Klaus, and the Original hybrid himself. Caroline ends up dancing with both of them, but her portrayer Candice Accola, insists that it’s not a true love triangle. “This is the first time where she’s stayed true to her feelings, and not getting caught up in the guy with the accent… But in high school how can you not think of all of a sudden when someone starts putting into your head thoughts of places to travel and semesters abroad and all these experiences you’re going to have as you grow older?” Accola says. “So I think that’s the only way she’s wooed by Klaus is the idea that there’s another world out there. But right now in the present she’s fighting like hell to just have a normal relationship with her boyfriend in high school.”

Elena and the Salvatore brothers will see plenty of action, too. while last week, Rose sang the praises of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena, this week Caroline makes the case for Stefan. “Caroline is such a Stelena worshipper,” says Accola. “And Caroline and Damon don’t have the cleanest past of the bunch either. So I think she just recognizes that Stefan is someone good for Elena and she is rooting for her to open her eyes and give them a chance.”  Elena heeds her friend’s advice, and takes Stefan to the dance, leading to a very emotional moment for both of them. Damon also shows a rarely seen side of himself with someone other than Elena.

After tonight’s episode airs, come back here to read Plec and the cast’s thoughts about tonight’s shocking twists and the rest of the season.


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