Watch: Anderson Hails ‘Taxi,’ Stages Mini-Reunion of Sitcom’s Stars

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Anderson Cooper shocked Marilu Henner by recruiting her “Taxi” co-star Tony Danza to make a surprise walk-on appearance on Cooper’s daytime talk show, “Anderson.”

The “Taxi” mini-reunion, taped earlier, will be seen on the Thursday edition of “Anderson” (check local listings).

Danza, 61, ambled on stage at Cooper’s Time Warner Center studio in midtown Manhattan, just after a woman from the studio audience asked Marilu, 60, what it was like to work with Danza on “Taxi.”

The question was really a cue for Danza to make his entrance, and Henner was truly surprised. If you’ve seen her on talk shows, then you already know she’s an outgoing, excitable guest. And the sudden appearance of her old pal launched her into the stratosphere — as you can see for yourself in the preview clip, above.

Henner loves to talk about “Taxi,” the well-regarded sitcom about a group of taxi-garage denizens in New York City. The show ran from 1978 to 1983 and turned most of its cast members into major stars, including Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd and Andy Kaufman.

With Danza sitting beside her, she talked about the first time they met. She even remembered the exact date and day of the week, thanks to her unique ability to remember such details — a trait possessed by only a few people on the planet. Her extraordinary memory was the reason she came on “Anderson” in the first place; she’s written a book about it called “Total Memory Makeover,” in which she shares tips for improving one’s memory. Her talent was even profiled on “60 Minutes” in a clip we happen to have — right here.

In this clip from “Anderson,” watch Marilu’s memory at work:
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Marilu recalled her years on “Taxi” with great fondness. “That was such a golden time in all of our lives,” she said. Besides Danza, she singled out DeVito for special praise. He played the taxi garage’s irascible boss, Louie DePalma. “He got all his nastiness out in [while playing] Louie, but [on the set] he was the confidant. He was incredible,” she said.

Watch Marilu Henner remember Danny DeVito on “Anderson”:
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We happen to have a bunch of “Taxi” episodes for you to watch on our “Taxi” page.

Here’s one, that just happens to feature a very young guest-star — Tom Hanks:
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