‘America’s Got Talent’: First Look at New Judge Howard Stern

by | April 27, 2012 at 1:48 PM | America's Got Talent

Can Howard Stern make “America’s Got Talent” cool? The excitement is building as Stern’s massive, loyal following waits to see their fearless leader rip reality TV clowns to shreds — and here’s your first look at Stern in action above.

As a “huge fan of the show,” the longtime “couch judge” brings his critical eye (and mouth) to “AGT” this season, infusing the talent competition with a much-needed dose of new energy.

The show’s other Howard, Howie Mandel, says Stern brings “honesty” and “edginess” to the judges’ table, and he’s “expecting the unexpected” on this seventh season.

When it comes to his judging style, Howard’s stern, of course, in assessing the “talent” — “I never want to see you again” he says to one act in the clip; “I haven’t seen anything like that ever and I hope I never do again,” he says to another.

But fellow judge Sharon Osbourne told Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week that Howard is a big “softie” at times on the show too, something that may change viewers’ perception of him (particularly those that hate him).

The notorious “Shock Jock” has also altered the dynamic between the judges — see Sharon get feisty with him in the above clip — in a good way, and there’s excitement in the uproariously vocal crowd that’s flooded with Stern fans — some of whom have also infiltrated the auditions.

“I know I’m not talented, I just came for you,” one busty blonde on stage says to Stern.

The new season of “America’s Got Talent” premieres Monday, May 14 at 8/7c on NBC.