Deep Soap: ‘General Hospital’s’ Robin Mattson Previews Heather’s Wild, Outrageous Plans

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From the moment she returned to “General Hospital“, Heather Weber has been a force of nature. Robin Mattson manages to make Heather simultaneously scary, funny and even slightly sympathetic. Whether she is worming her way into her son’s life, attempting to romance Luke or blackmailing Sam, Heather is always fascinating to watch. In an interview with XfinityTV, Mattson previewed Heather’s devious plans, shared the secret of making the audience root for the bad girls.

You have played many memorable off-center, perhaps crazy, characters. What is the secret of making the audience not only care about them but root for them? Heather’s sold two babies, yet I find myself empathizing with her.
To put it simply,  [Heather] has a heart — if you give her something that she really cares about. We all care about family. We all care about the results our children have in their endeavors and she just takes it to a different level. She loves a little too much. She just doesn’t have boundaries. It doesn’t mean she has the worst of intentions. She just doesn’t know when to quit. She just takes mother love and Luke [Tony Geary] love to a new level.

What else will Heather do in her pursuit of Luke? Is she going to go after Anna?
She is not going to do anything in the near future that would in any way hurt Anna [Finola Hughes]. She’s more observing and trying to get a sense of really how serious of a part Anna plays in Luke’s life. I think she’s going to tread lightly there. I did a scene the other day where all I do is view them. I specifically said, “You don’t see me. You don’t see how I feel. You don’t know how I feel. Only the audience knows.” So they have somewhat of a false sense of how far would she go, what would she do. Yes, she’s crazy, but she has been released from the hospital. She has had her sanity verified by doctors. Steve is keeping a close eye on her. She says that she’s resigned to starting over. That might mean one thing to her and another thing to Luke.  As far as she’s concerned, she wishes them all the happiness and when she stumbles on them, which she does from time to time, sometimes she just walks away and leaves them alone. I don’t think she knows quite what to do with it yet.  I think she wants to get along and not make a wave there that will alienate Luke entirely. She thinks that she and Luke are friends.

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Did Heather tamper with the results of Sam’s paternity test?
Not that I’m aware of. [Kelly Monaco] asked me that herself. I just don’t know the answer to that. It certainly could have been played off screen. It’s not on my radar.

Is Heather sincere about her desire to reconnect with her son Steve? Or is he just a means to get her out of the mental hospital?
I think she would do anything for Steven Lars [Scott Reeves]. I think it’s completely sincere in terms of her love for her son and her guilt over how many times she wasn’t there for him and having sold him on the black market. She doesn’t want Sam to tell Steve what she did with Franco when he was a baby. So Sam and I continue to butt heads and threaten each other as to who’s going to reveal what and when and how much harm one can do to the other. The stakes are pretty high in terms of all that goes on. I can just tell you that the story is getting heavier and that there’s some future involvement with the Quartermaines. I don’t exactly know what goes on there, but I try to weasel my way back in and at least get close to some of that money.

“General Hospital” just got some good news. The show was picked up for another year. How did the cast celebrate?
I wasn’t actually there, but I did hear about it, and of course everybody was thrilled. It had been the source of much conversation. I think everyone gives a lot of credit to [executive producer] Frank Valentini for turning this show around and [headwriter] Ron Carlivati for picking up the pace and making the stories more interesting and more compelling and more watchable and telling a lot more story in a manner that is frankly more interesting and more watchable. Hopefully we’re going to get a second chance with some people to entice them with some of the far out and wild things that Heather’s going to do that will just blow people’s minds. It’s pretty outrageous.

Can you give the audience a hint about Heather’s schemes?
There’s going to be a lot of fireworks with Olivia [Lisa LoCicero] but I think that’s natural between those two. She’s such a scrapper. She’s going to fight for her man and not let anybody get in the way and Heather feels, “That’s my flesh and blood. No one’s going to come between me and my son.” That’s going to be a big issue. I would love to have him all to myself and her out of the picture, yet he truly cares for her and Heather has to respect that but once again she doesn’t have boundaries. I don’t know how far she’ll go to try and put a divide between the two of them. I just know that she and Olivia are, and will continue to be, at odds.

For a lot of “All My Children” fans, you were the definitive Janet, even though Kate Collins originated the role. Do you wish you could have come back for the show’s finale? How did you feel about the decision, long after you left, to have Janet murder her love, Trevor?
That was an executive, and, I was told, headwriter decision by Megan McTavish. I’m not certain what her motives were for bringing Kate Collins back when they had gone to great lengths to have the plastic surgery and do the face thing, but that whole story, I don’t think it was a great use of the character but I wasn’t involved. I really had nothing to say about it. The Powers That Be decided to go in that direction. Though I did ask Frank, I said, “I’m not asking you for story, but I would like an idea of what it’s going to be because I don’t want to come on to do something embarrassing or silly or that I don’t find true to Heather and the character as I know her” because Frank and I had never worked together and Ron and I had never worked together. And then he said, “No. We have some ideas and we’re going, in this direction.” And I said, “Okay. That’s classic Heather. That sounds like fun. That sounds like something worth doing.”I think the first day I worked, he said, “Ron is enthused about the story and would you mind sticking around?” I said, “Sure. Let’s go. Let’s see where this takes us.”

Does that mean you are going to be with GH permanently?
Yes. I’ve got 13 shows in the next two weeks, so I don’t see an end in sight. That’s just as far as they’ve written. I have been told that I will be around for the foreseeable future.

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