‘The Good Wife’: Season 3 Ends with Terrifying Cliffhanger

Archie Panjabi as Kalinda on The Good Wife (David Giesbrecht/CBS)

“The Good Wife” has written episodes that are intelligent, sexy, funny and thought provoking. The third season finale, “The Dream Team,” is the first time the show has been terrifying. The cliffhanger may give numerous viewers nightmares about front door peepholes.

The episode starts right after last week’s ended. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) answers a question Alicia (Julianna Margulies) asked two years ago, saying she’s not gay, she’s flexible. We all saw exactly how flexible she is last week. The IRS has agreed to settle Alicia’s case. Alicia notes that Kalinda has some undeposited checks that could pay most of her fines.  Why wouldn’t someone deposit a check?

Alicia is curious, too. She finds a check from a Canadian construction company from 2007 made out to cash for twenty one grand in Kalinda’s file. She calls the company. Is she suspicious, or trying to be helpful? The answer is probably both. The guy who answers seems sketchy. When she asks him to reissue the check, he asks for the check number — a reasonable request. Getting a bad vibe, she says she will call him back. Instead, he calls her back. It’s creepy. When Alicia asks Kalinda about it, she freaks and says she is going to take care of it.

This is how Kalinda defines taking care of it: she goes to a hardware store and buys a giant sledgehammer, which she uses to knock down the wall of her barely furnished apartment. She takes out a ton of cash and a gun. Well, obviously those IRS fines won’t be a problem. Watch the whole bad ass scene below. It’s a mystery why CBS is launching a line  of “The Good Wife” furniture when the natural tie-in is a Kalinda brand boots, leather jackets  and weapons.

The creepy guy calls Alicia at home. She hangs up, then calls Kalinda. She doesn’t answer because she plans to leave town. When Alicia tells her that she is now getting phone stalked, Kalinda reveals that the caller is her husband, the one she claimed she left out of boredom. Obviously, that was a cover for a Lifetime movie of a backstory. Kalinda decides that this time she is not going to run. That’s a sign of how much she cares about Alicia. Kalinda unpacks her duffel bag, puts her chair in front of the door, and sits down with her gun at her side, ready to kill her evil Canadian husband. In a super scary moment we see the light go out on the peephole and hear a knock. We won’t get to find out if she shoots to kill until next season.

Technically, that was the B-storyline. When Lockhart-Gardner wins a twenty five million dollar settlement for a man who was made sterile by an acne medication — seven million dollars more than they asked for, Louis (Michael J. Fox), who is once again their opposing counsel, sues L.G. for fifty million for fraud and malicious prosecution. His lawyer is none other than Patti (Martha Plimpton). They are the titular Dream Team of evil. Their argument is that since the case was decided by one of the judges that Will (Josh Charles) was accused of bribing, he fraudulently decided in L.G.’s favor.

A balloon payment is due on their fancy offices and their biggest client, Peter Edelstein, has been late with payments. So Will and Diane (Christine Baranski) are scared that this suit could have consequences for the firm.

When Patti questions Will about the bribery scandal, it’s clear that she has access to the sealed grand jury testimony. Will and Diane offer to drop the class action suit agsinst the pharmaceutical company if Louis and Patti drop their suit. They refuse.  Their goal is to destroy the firm because they are sick of LG constantly winning class action suits.

Kalinda catches Patti meeting with Andrew, the stay at home dad investigator. She claims that it is legal for him to share his own testimony. Thanks to Cary’s (Matt Czuchry) inside knowledge of the  case, Andrew has to admit that he revealed things he witnessed that were not in his testimony.

Next, they grill Alicia about Peter’s (Chris Noth)  relationship with the judge since they met three times the week before the settlement. Peter testifies that he had no interest in swaying the judge because he and Alicia are separated. This could have major reprucussions for his campaign.

It turns out Louis and Patti’s suit was just a distraction, so they could steal Peter Edelstein. Will L.G. survive without its biggest client? Find out next fall.

Peter tells Alicia that he is going to move in to the house temporarily than flip it. Eli convinces Jackie, who is experiencing hallucinations involving an old movie, that she needs to apologize to Alicia for the sake of the campaign. Alicia tells her that if she signs the house over to the kids she won’t sue.

Alicia drops by the house and grows wistful about the life she and Peter used to have together. She leaves, but finds herself glued to the welcome mat, tempted to go back inside.


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