Mitch Glazer’s ‘Magic City’ Guide: Episode 4 — Drawing Inspiration From Errol Flynn

Jessica Marais as Lily Diamond in Magic City (Starz)

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For the fourth episode episode (“Atonement”), Glazer shares the inspiration behind Ben Diamond’s (Danny Huston) incredibly creepy two-way mirror:

Mitch Glazer: One of the most memorable moments in this (or any?) “Magic City” episode is Ben Diamond’s two-way mirror, voyeuristic experience with Lily. I wish, I guess, that I could take credit for inventing this particular fetishistic architecture but it came from descriptions of Errol Flynn’s infamous Mulholland Drive mansion. Flynn had a two-way mirror built above his guest bedroom and after a boozy night would excuse himself, sneak upstairs and watch his usually young and nubile company entertain themselves in the downstairs bedroom. I read about this twenty years ago, always knowing that someday I would find exactly the right character for it. Who better than Ben Diamond?

Watch the Scene Below (Warning: NSFW Content):

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