‘Bethenny Ever After’: Jason Hoppy Feels Judged & Emasculated

Jason Hoppy on Bethenny Ever After (Bravo)

This third season of “Bethenny Ever After” has been a tough one to watch, with the constant heated fights between Bethenny and Jason. It’s not just that the two are feeling growing pains from their brief courtship and dealing with marriage and a baby but add to it Bethenny’s ridiculous meteoric Skinnygirl success, and well…mo’ money mo’ problems comes into play.

On last night’s eppy, His Sir Hotness Jason finally admitted what we’ve been thinking he’s been feeling: He sorta resents his wife’s success because it makes him feel inadequate.

“I feel like I’m being judged for the fact that I didn’t make it,” he reveals over dinner to his multimillionaire wife.

“I don’t think I’m fully responsible for that feeling,” Bethenny defends.

Jason proceeds to tell her she doesn’t know what it’s like to be in his shoes and to be “moderately” successful, but Bethenny viciously snaps at him, reminding him she was “dead broke” before she became the Skinnygirl heiress.

Watch one of many battles between B and Jay:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Bethenny-Ever-After/106392/2226893120/This-Is-What-It-s-Come-To/embed 580 476]

Angry at her mini flip out, Jason walks away to cool off, leaving Bethenny staring blankly into her cheese-mangled enchiladas, and making us wonder how this bony chick can eat so freakin’ much and weigh an ounce.

On camera, The Hopster admits he’s been having difficulty coming to terms with making so much less—being the man in the relationship—than his wife. The conservative dude has his pride.

“It’s a long road, but we will get through it,” she said once he returns (to down as many drinks as possible).

“Happy birthday. I hate you,” he says, trying to make light of his heavy-hearted situation.

“I love you,” Bethenny replies with a smirk.

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