‘Castle’: Will Castle and Beckett’s Relationship Survive a Zombie Apocolypse?

Castle (ABC)

If vampires are the sexy supernatural creatures, then zombies, who don’t speak, move slowly, and stink of rotting flesh, might be an apt metaphor for Castle and Beckett’s decaying relationship. The season’s penultimate episode of “Castle” starts with their partnership in critical condition. Castle (Nathan Fillion) has decided that he is ready to end his partnership with Beckett (Stana Katic). So he heads out to what he is convinced is his final crime scene and discovers that the victim of the week was wearing a lace cuff from the 1870s. He also has savage bite marks. They find the first suspect, Charlie, chained to a radiator. He claims he and the victim were both attacked by a zombie. He is convinced he is about to turn. As crazy as it sounds, there is security camera footage of what appears to be a zombie wearing  clothes from the 1870s.  Castle is loving life again.

The crime trail leads to a woman who was having an affair with the victim. She claims she broke it off and her fiancee forgave her. The man’s alibi checks out. Castle is convinced they need to think like a zombie, who is motivated not be jealous but has a quest for brains. He and Beckett follow the clues to an abandoned factory where they find themselves surrounded by zombies. If this show abruptly switched genres it would certainly be a bold way to end the season. But when Beckett pulls out her gun, the zombies break character. It turns out to be a Zombie Walk, an elaborate role playing game where people dressed as zombies chase “normals.” They bring all the zombies into the station for questioning. A man recognizes the zombie suspect as a guy named Kyle. When they get to his apartment, they find him dead and still wearing his zombie make up. His teeth match the bite marks on the victim. Case closed… except he wakes up on the morgue table and runs.

When he wakes up in the hospital, non-zombie Kyle has no memory of what happened. In a subtext laden moment, Castle, tells Beckett that when a life altering moment occurs people remember it. Beckett responds that maybe he will do it later when he feels safe. Hey, it’s almost as if they are talking about Beckett being shot and her pretending not to remember Castle telling her that he loves her.

It turns out that Kyle was given a drug that made him susceptible to suggestion then erased his memory of what happened. He’s basically the fake zombie manchurian candidate. Tom, the fiancee of Davis’d ex, turns out to be  selling the drug to some of the Zombie Walkers so they can experience what it would be like to be a zombie. He smugly says that there is no evidence linking him to the crime, so they have to let him go.  As he leaves the precinct, Beckett tells him that Kyle made bail. Tom demands police protection. When Esposito (Jon Huertas) drops him at his apartment, Kyle, wearing his zombie make up, attacks him.  a scared Tom confesses to him, not realizing that it’s actually Castle under the make up. Tom is an idiot. Castle is about a foot taller than Kyle and looks nothing like him, even when they wear the identical make-up.

Then, finally, the moment fans have been waiting for all season. Castle and Beckett have a conversation about how difficult it will be for Kyle to get over the trauma of having unwittingly killed someone.  Beckett admits she is in therapy — and is in a place where she can finally accept everything that happened that day. Wow. Two adults having a n adult conversation. It’s a miracle. She tells Castle that the walls she has put up are ready to come down. Instead of pouting about how long it has taken her to get over nearly dying, the death of her mentor, and the knowledge that her mother’s killer is still free, he says he wants to be there when it does!  Watch below to see the whole, glorious Caskett scene. Then tune in next week because the previews indicate the duo is finally going to get physical.

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