‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Semi Finals: Andrea Boehlke vs. Sophie Clarke

Andrea Boehlke vs. Sophie Clarke (CBS)

In honor of “Survivor: One World’s” men vs. women theme, XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” guy Gordon Holmes captained a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” guys against a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” gals.

However, the Power Rankings imitated life and the women’s team ran away with the game. In fact, the men were mathematically eliminated with three weeks still left to go.

So, the executive “Survivor” Power Rankings committee decided that the Power Rankings should continue to imitate “Survivor,” and the women should be forced to compete against each other until one sole Survivor is left standing…er…ranking.

Note: The “Survivor” Hall of Fame coffee mug was disqualified for failing a drug test.

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The Rules: Each week a pair of the remaining women will create separate Power Rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Tarzan is voted out this week, Andrea will receive 6 points and Sophie will receive 7 points. The person with the most points will advance to the next round.

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Got any advice for Sophie? Drop her a line on Twitter.


1. So apparently everyone and their mom’s cat’s gardener’s cousin is drinking the Kim Kool-Aid. From what I can gather, every person still playing “Survivor: One World” must think they are going to the end with Kim. Heck, I’m not even playing this game and I’m wondering whether I might have an alliance with her.  Do I? Clearly, we are all fighting to be Kim’s SBFF (Super Best Friend Forever) but from my own personal experience with SBFFs, I know you can only truly have one. So, who will Kim’s be? 1. K’impossible’ or Kim’possible’? I think the latter.
2. Chelsea APPEARS to be Kim’s SBFF at this point. I can’t really see Kim getting rid of Chelsea, and I think Chelsea is planning on riding the Kim train to the end. If Kim takes the heat for the inevitable backstabbing that is about to go down, Chelsea could come out as the sweet sidekick-turned-millionaire. 2. Chelsea stands in Kim’s shadows. She is less athletic. She is less well liked. She is less strategic. Soon she is going to be less rich.
3. Kim chose Alicia to come on the reward, which tells me that Alicia may be closer to Kim than I originally thought. Is she BFF #2 over Sabrina? Time will tell, but Alicia may be a better choice to bring to the end than the rest, only because it seems as if she may have rubbed some people the wrong way. 3. Alicia is the dark horse. I don’t think the jury considers her to be the head of the hated and, in Troyzan’s words, “cocky” girl alliance but she is also not completely strategically inept like Christina. The tribe switch at the beginning of the game forced Alicia to make decisions in her own self-interest, and we saw her flourish. After the merge, however, Alicia seemed content as just another member of Kim’s Kult.  I hope this girl remembers the mischievous fun she had when Colton was around and forges her own path to the end before it is too late.
4. If you have not seen Troyzan’s secret scene (the one involving ‘fuzzy squares’ and Alicia riding the pig) please do so now. I’ll still be here when you’re back. Annnnnnnd okay—you saw it? The Sabrina dance was all I needed to remind me why I’m a Sabrina fan. Not sure where she falls in line in the Kimber-rankings, but I feel that she is safe over Christina, Tarzan and Kat. Sabrina seems pretty game savvy too, so maybe she will be the one to stir the pot soon? 4. I can’t really tell where Sabrina fits into this game. Who is her closest ally? What is her end game plan? Why doesn’t she work at camp? What does the jury think of her? Does she have any say in her alliance? If the jury is equally as confused and ambivalent about her game, Sabrina doesn’t have a shot to win. However, “Survivor” juries have very short-term memories, and Sabrina still has time to make her mark. I hope this girl wins a challenge, orchestrates a blindside, and fetches some water… all in one episode!
5. I’ve been rooting for Kitty Kat all season, but if she wants to not be seen as a follower she needs to act fast. Maybe she will take Troyzan’s advice and “Do it” this episode, even though I’m not exactly sure what that entails. Do what? Kill the pig? Pull a blindside? Just keep dancing?  I hope Kat can find a way to shimmy her way to the end, because her little Kat dances are probably the highlight of each episode for me. 5. Christina has missed her chance to make a move and is at the mercy of Kim. You might think that would make Christina safe for a while – she and Tarzan are the perfect end game goats. However, Kim will win—hands down—if she makes it to the end. It doesn’t matter against whom. Now is not the time for Kim to ruin her reputation as “someone you would trust with your life” by backstabbing her closest allies in favor of the nut jobs.
6. Who would have guessed that the kooky plastic surgeon would be the last zan standing?! I’m not sure what planet Tarzan is on. I’m not sure what alliance Tarzan thinks he’s in. I’m still not sure what was on Tarzan’s shorts back in the day. Some things will always be a mystery. However, since Tarzan is so out there, he could be *that* guy you drag with you to the end. Gosh, I hope not. 6. If the girls need to make a move against anyone, it is Kat. I hope Troyzan’s parting words of encouragement to Kat set off some bells in Kim’s brain. Underdog Kat could win this game! She performed well in challenges, didn’t directly orchestrate any of the jury boots, and seems to be relatively sweet and likeable. This Female-Fabio might be Kim’s biggest end-game threat with a biter jury.
7. The fact that they split the vote between Troyzan and Christina instead of just splitting votes between the zans makes me think that the rest of the Tikiano girls see Christina as disposable. I feel that the end is near for sweet Cha Cha. 7. Kim has established herself as the fair, merciful ruler of the Tikiano tribe. She is unflinchingly sending people to their deaths, but in an order and manner that appears just and even compassionate. If she booted Tarzan, she would uphold the status quo with the rest of her tribe, and probably even get Tarzan’s vote at the end.
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