‘The View’: Ryan O’Neal Feels ‘Terrible Shame’ Over His Poor Parenting

Ryan O'Neal on 'Today' (Photo: NBC)

Ryan O’Neal is making the rounds on the talk-show circuit to promote his memoir, “Both of Us,” and the 71-year-old actor is revealing some shocking and tragic new details of his tumultuous relationships with the late Farrah Fawcett and his own children.

O’Neal, who was recently diagnosed with stage II prostate cancer, spent the early part of the morning at “Today,” where he appeared depressed and almost defeated as he talked with Matt Lauer about his longtime relationship with Farrah.

“I felt that she was uncomfortable with me and that maybe I had grown boring to her. It was tough,” remarked O’Neal, who revealed that Farrah would hide in the bathroom for hours. “I’m hard to live with and she got tired of that, I’m sure.”

“I don’t think we were bad for each other,” he added, and one thing was very evident: “I miss her,” something O’Neal mentioned more than once during the somber interview. He says he wrote the book on their life together as a way to stay connected to her. [O’Neal was originally scheduled to appear yesterday, but canceled after arriving at the “Today” studio citing a panic attack.]

Watch Ryan O’Neal’s Sad Interview on “Today”:

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Despite their problems, O’Neal admitted, “The last several years when she was ill, that was wonderful. There was no more fighting.” He asked Farrah “to marry me all the time” and when they finally summoned a priest for a ceremony in 2009, he ended up delivering Fawcett’s last rites instead. It was a message he reiterated to the hosts of “The View” just hours later.

While discussing the prognosis for his cancer, O’Neal wistfully sighed, “If I don’t make it, I’ll be with my girl… I loved [Farrah] so much it hurt. It hurt my heart, I loved her so… I have a lot to ask forgiveness for that I never got to.”

However, while he feels remorse for his admitted infidelities during his 30-year love story with Fawcett, the “Love Story” star noted that his greatest regret was the poor parenting of his children Tatum, Griffin and Redmond, all of whom have had legal problems or substance abuse issues.

“I’m not very good at it, I suppose… They ran amok and I feel terrible shame about it,” O’Neal said of fatherhood. “My dear kids – they’re so lost.”

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