‘The Last Word’ from Alec Baldwin: Obama Will Be Reelected

Alec Baldwin last month in New York (Photo: Getty Images)

Outspoken sitcom star Alec Baldwin took up a new role as a political pundit Tuesday night when he handicapped the race for President on MSNBC’s “Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.”

In Baldwin’s view, President Obama has the race “in the bag,” he told host Lawrence O’Donnell and fellow guest Alex Wagner.

The star of “30 Rock” on NBC, whose liberal political leanings are no secret, declared the presidential contest to be virtually over already. And, he insisted, the Republican power structure already knows it, and has turned its attention from the presidential campaign and the party’s almost-certain nominee, Mitt Romney, to bolstering various Republican congressional candidates who, Baldwin said, have a better chance of winning.

Of course, this is all just his opinion. Fact is, various opinion polls have Obama and Romney running basically neck-and-neck at the moment, so predicting how the race will end up in November is anyone’s guess here in May.

Nevertheless, Baldwin pressed ahead with his “Obama has it in the bag” thesis. “These guys are really, really getting scared. They know it’s not looking good for them,” he said of the Republicans (in a story reported here on the Hollywood Reporter Web site). “They spent a lot of money on a very bloody primary. It’s been a very ugly primary. I was one of the people that said quickly that all Obama needs to do for the first month of the general election is just slow clips of [Newt] Gingrich’s remarks about [Mitt] Romney.” …

Watch Alec Baldwin on MSNBC’s “Last Word”:

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“It’s starting to look like Obama has it in the bag,” said Baldwin, who occasionally dabbles in politics — making public statements and also hinting that he’ll run for office, including rumors he would run for mayor of New York City (though that appears unlikely).

On “The Last Word,” Baldwin criticized Romney as “out of touch with the average American,” due to his “personal wealth” (though we’re pretty sure Alec Baldwin must be reasonably wealthy as well, since he’s a top TV and movie star). “In terms of being in touch with the average American, we would be better off with Gingrich than Romney, in terms of personal wealth and attitude about lifestyle and so forth,” Baldwin said.

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