‘American Idol’ Elimination Drama – Who’s in Danger of Going Home?

Phillip Phillips performs on American Idol (Michael Becker / FOX)

It’s judgement day for “American Idol.”  As the Top 5 contestants face losing yet another member tonight, we’re analyzing the best and worst performances from Wednesday’s show to decipher who’s still in it to win it, and who’s in the most danger of departing.

In order of safe to danger:

5. Joshua Ledet has had a flawless streak, and more standing ovations than we an count. Last night he continued to be great in his solos, but came across ignorant and a bit self-obsessed during his duet with Phillip Phillps. Verdict: he’s still at the top, if only because his fiercest competitor had a bad night…

4. Jessica Sanchez was more of a cruise ship performer than a teenage wunderkind last night. Between cheesy dancing, an age-inappropriate outfit, and lukewarm comments on her first number, she was definitely taken down a notch. Verdict: this may be the week that Joshua officially passes Jessica as the front-runner.

3. Skylar Laine exhibits more energy than the rest of the contestants combined. But is that a good thing? She smiled all through a song about war and another about an emotionally distant lover. But it was a big week for her in terms of crossing over; she delivered a ballad without a hint of twang. Verdict: People seem to be drawn to the fun factor, even if she is misinterpreting her music. If Jessica continues to fail at dancing, Skylar could take the girls’ lead.

2. Hollie Cavanaugh got the ‘dark horse’ distinction last night, and that could be a good thing. Her performances were not bad, which is saying a lot (we’ll never be able erase “What a Feeling” from our brains without major therapy.) Verdict: Even though she pales in comparison to Jessica, it’s more fun to root for the underdog. That could buy her one last week of safety.

1. Phillip Phillips is called out week after week for not singing the melody. Last night we found out why he never does: he can’t actually sing. His usual jammy growl he does is preferable to an off-key performance, but even his guitar-strumming has become too predictable at this point. Verdict: Weak performances and a boring style are one thing. A shout out to his girlfriend, however, could be the final nail in the coffin for this heartthrob. Teenage votes don’t come cheap.

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