‘Revenge’: Emily Uncovers Nolan’s Family Secret

Emily VanCamp in Revenge (ABC)

“It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution.” – Oscar Wilde

This week’s episode of “Revenge” (“Absolution”), offers a doozy of an explanation for why Nolan is so willing to help Emanda take down the Graysons. Also, we get the show’s first product placement moment. Unfortunately, it’s not a for a whale camera.

The episode opens on bad CGI snow falling as Emanda (Emily VanCamp) places a rose on her father’s grave. As the show’s timeline moves into winter, filming in Manhattan Beach, not actual Manhattan, may continue to be problematic. Hey, ABC, spring for a location shoot in Big Bear.

Emanda tells Nolan (Gabriel Mann) that she is trying to identify the person who stabbed her father. David Clarke died during a prison riot, which would definitely be a convenient way to disguise a murder. Speaking of convenient, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) shows Emanda a photo she found of David on the day he died. It was in Victoria’s possession. Emanda wonders why Nolan never gave it to her. She catches him hiding David’s final journal. Nolan claims he promised David that he would never let her see how paranoid and unhappy he was at the end of his life.

Emanda reads the journal and learns that David believes he was marked for death because someone named CM was coming for him. We see a flashback of him being stabbed by someone grey haired wearing a Marshal’s uniform. She uses some Nolan level google-fu to determine that CM could be  a woman named Carol Miller who died. Emanda would be amazing at internet dating.

The judge drops all the charges against Daniel (Joshua Bowman). He walks out of jail to find the word murderer painted on his windshield and a ton of protesters chanting anti-Daniel slogans. Emanda suggests Daniel tell his story to the media so the public will understand that he’s innocent.

Emanda sneaks into a hospital file room and calls a doctor about Carol Miller’s death. She learns that Carol Thomas is alive and well — and used to be Conrad’s secretary. She tracks her down claiming work for the Department of Homeland Security. Carol points a huge gun at her as Nolan comes downstairs and calls her aunt Carol. Nolan has  gun toting relatives! Who also have phony identities! No wonder he likes Emanda. Watch the clip to find out Nolan’s juicy backstory.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Revenge/143174/2230276239/Absolution/embed?skipTo=1110 580 476]

Nolan explains that Aunt Carol took him in after he dropped out of MIT. On his advice, she started investigating Grayson from the inside. When David was killed, Nolan told her to flee because she was next. She remembers seeing a man with white hair who frightened Conrad. Nolan apologizes for not giving her the last journal, but Emanda understands and respects his desire to protect his family.

Jack (Nick Wechsler) tells Daniel that he was the man in the hoodie. Daniel gets self-righteous about him not coming forward, as if Jack should have allowed himself to be framed for him. Jack shares his theory that the Graysons hired Lee AKA Poor Man’s Channing Tatum to steal it. Daniel points out that makes no sense, since Lee wouldn’t have agreed to kill himself.

Victoria (Madeline Stowe), angry that Conrad sent Dominick out of town, tells the SEC that he is a terrorist. Way to go scorched earth, Victoria. Technically, this means she and Emanda are now on the same side.

Daniel shares his suspicion that Lee did not commit suicide with Conrad (Henry Czerny). Conrad admits that he had a fake confession written. Conrad makes him promise to rebuild the company in his absence then confesses everything, including having Lee and David murdered.

“Nightline’s” Cynthia McFadden interviews Daniel. An interview with America’s new O.J. seems worthy of Diane Sawyer. Daniel says he will never know what what happened between Tyler and Lee. We learn #OccupyDaniel was trending on Twitter. Ha! Daniel professes sympathy for the proletariat’s class based resentments. Then, instead of telling the truth about Conrad, he defends him, claiming Conrad is the victim of a witch hunt, and the SEC is going after Grayson because of the murder investigation. He looks forward to taking over the company. So much for Daniel being the good Grayson. He was just holding out for a higher price before selling out.

Emanda tells Nolan that now the she knows Daniel is slime, she is going to marry him and track down the man who killed her father, then kill him. Emanda should change her name to Inigo Montoya.

In other news, Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) quits her vaguely defined job to do media relations for Mr. Brooks the lawyer. He rescinds her job offer when he learns she leaked Daniel’s photos to the press. Wasn’t that sort of at his suggestion? Fortunately, Conrad offers Ashley a product placed Lexus and a job at Grayson. It gets mentioned by name, CW style. Lexus: the official car of murderers and terrorists!

Nolan polishes his halo by paying Declan’s (Connor Paolo) prep school tuition. Charlotte gets suspended for her drug use. The teens continue to seem like refugees from another, less interesting show.


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