‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Which Resident Flunked the Boards?

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

After five years, it was the moment of truth for the “Grey’s Anatomy” residents. They each faced the toughest test of their careers : the oral medical boards, which would determine whether they would complete their residencies and become attending physicians. It was a brutal exam, in which each resident was grilled by two doctors about hypothetical cases, who gave no indication whether their answers were right or wrong. The residents of Seattle Grace did not acquit themselves particularly well. Each faced obstacles during their questioning. Avery (Jesse Williams) was distracted because he just witnessed his mother having sex with the the Chief. April (Sarah Drew) was nervous because she believed that Jesus hated her because she impulsively lost her virginity to Avery the night before the exam. Alex (Justin Chambers) arrived late because he was with a patient, and was given an automatic fail on the first section of the exam. Cristina (Sandra Oh) faced an old-school surgeon, played by “St. Elsewhere’sWilliam Daniels in an outstanding bit of stunt casting, who seemed to disagree with her modern surgical techniques. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was battling the stomach flu and considering quitting.

Nobody really rose to the occasion. Avery complained about the noise when he could hear his mother in the room next door, and was told that surgeons could not get so easily distracted. Then he and April had sex in the bathrooom during intermission. Afterward, she shared this information with her examiners, and explained that she always prayed for her patients because of Christian faith, lamenting that she felt the need to hide her religious convictions from other doctors. Meredith puked into a garbage can in front of the examiners. Cristina told Dr.Craig off, accusing him of being old and out of touch. Alex made an impassioned speech about how his decision to prioritize his patient ahead of his exam showed he was a good doctor.

Four Seattle Grace residents passed. One failed. Watch the clip to find out who made the cut.

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