Skylar Laine Not Harping on ‘Idol’ Loss

Skylar Laine on American Idol (Michael Becker/FOX)

This week’s “American Idol” castoff, Skylar Laine, is known for her high-energy performances, but admits the adrenaline might have gotten the best of her memory. “Even if I was singing a ballad, I felt an adrenaline rush,” she said. “I can’t remember anything that happens on that stage.”

Skylar explained today to the media that her mind would often go blank during the performances, and she’d have to watch them back on television to find out what happened.

“When I get on stage, I just block it out,” she said. “Sometimes I’m thinking about something different in the middle of the performance, like, ‘Hmm, what am I going to eat when I leave here?’”

Skylar doesn’t know why she was sent home and doesn’t care. “I will never know, so I don’t really like to linger on it,” she said. But one possibility that has plagued many contestants is song choice. Jimmy Iovine pointed out last night in his commentary that Skylar didn’t understand the lyrics to “Fortunate Son,” and didn’t have the darkness of Dusty Springfield in “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.”

Skylar dissented with Jimmy. “’Fortunate Son’ is a war protest song, so…I didn’t really know if I should connect to the lyrics or not,” she said. “I liked the melody. Sometimes you just sing a song because you like the song.”

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As for Dusty Springfield, “I felt like I had the darkness, I felt like I had a lot of passion,” she admitted. “But Jimmy always has an opinion and he’s not where he is today without knowing a couple of things, so I respect his opinion.”

And now that she’s off the show, Skylar won’t have to concede to Jimmy or anyone else’s wishes about what she sings. “I don’t want to have to sing pop,” Skylar said about the upcoming “Idol” tour. “On the show, of course we have to sing what they give us. I just want to sing country music, and hopefully I’ll get to sing my songs.”

Skylar admitted that sticking so firmly to the country genre may affect her popularity from here on out. “Ive accepted the fact that if I make an album and have singles out that they’re probably only going to be played on country radio,” she said. “That’s what’s going to make me happy and that’s what comes out when I write.”

On an album, Skylar said she hopes to collaborate with her two biggest inspirations, country stars Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore.

Skylar said she had a lot of input into her outfits on the show, and was always on the lookout for something “hardcore, not something so girly.” About Jessica Sanchez’s dress controversy—Jimmy Iovine blasted her stylists for putting her into something too mature and “racy” this week—Skylar stood up for Jessica. “I loved her dress. Jessica’s got a body to die for. She’s stick thin. Don’t we all want to be that way?”

Besides the memory lapses, what was the biggest challenge for the Mississippian tomboy throughout the competition? “Staying true to myself,” she said. “And walking in high heels.”

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