‘SNL’ Recap: QB Eli Manning Scores Comedy Touchdown

Eli Manning (center) with musical guest Rihanna and cast member Andy Samberg on "SNL" (Photo: NBC)

Eli Manning wore a dress, portrayed an Occupy Wall Street protester and even appeared in scenes with Cheech and Chong as the Super Bowl champion quarterback guest-hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

It was the New York Giants QB’s first time as guest-host on “SNL,” following in the footsteps of his big brother, former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, who hosted “SNL” in 2007. Eli even “Tebow-ed,” as you’ll see in one of our clips, below.

For Eli Manning, his “SNL” stint Saturday night on NBC was a chance for some off-season exposure on a national TV show that originates from his media-centric hometown.

As a result, his guest-host gig was widely covered in the Sunday papers in New York, including The New York Post here and The New York Daily News.

Certainly, some of the situations the “SNL” writers wrote for the all-American NFL QB were designed to come across as decidedly contrary to his image as a top athlete in one of the world’s most macho professional sports.

That’s why the spectacle of Eli Manning in drag was such a hoot, in the sketch titled “Miss Drag World.” In the sketch, Manning was introduced by Kenan Thompson as “Miss Chicken Fried Steak.”

Watch: The Super Bowl champion QB in drag on “SNL”:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/2231370383/Miss-Drag-World/embed 580 476]

This is the sketch in which Eli Manning struck a “Tebow” pose in the prayerful manner made famous by newly acquired Jet’s QB Tim Tebow. It came during a sketch in which Manning was seen filming “motion capture” material for a new video game.

Watch Eli Manning Tebow-ing here:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/2231367247/Motion-Capture/embed 580 476]

The thing we like about Cheech and Chong — or, more to the point, those times when they are portrayed by others — is how much fun their impersonators always seem to have when playing the Cheech and Chong roles. Such was the case in this next sketch when Fred Armisen played Cheech Marin and Bill Hader played Tommy Chong in a series of scenes from their old stoner movies.

In the scenes, they were joined by a straitlaced friend named Richard (played by Manning) who was eventually dropped from the films, according to Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osbourne (mimicked by Jason Sudeikis).

Here’s the Cheech and Chong sketch, man!
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/2231367025/TCM-Comedy%3A-Cheech-and-Chong/embed 580 476]

In this next sketch, Manning played a scruffy OWS protester being interviewed for local TV news by the grizzled, politically incorrect news vet “Herb Welch” (played by Bill Hader). We certainly have a few of these types still working on local TV here in NYC. And we wonder: Do you still have ’em in your city?

Check this out: Eli Manning as an OWS protester:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/2231357106/Herb-Welch%3A-Occupy-Movement/embed 580 476]

As happens in almost every episode of “SNL,” “Weekend Update” had a visit from a surprise guest. This time it was none other than Admiral General Aladeen, The Dictator, played by Sacha Baron Cohen in his tireless efforts to promote his new “Dictator” movie, opening May 11.

Watch him spar with “Zionist” Seth Meyers on “SNL” here:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/2231354535/Weekend-Update%3A-Admiral-General-Aladeen/embed 580 476]
Watch the entire “SNL” with Eli Manning and musical guest Rihanna right here:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/2231401504/Eli-Manning/embed 580 476]
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