‘American Idol’ Snips One as Final Three Move On

Waiting for the Verdict on 'American Idol' (Photo: Fox)

The prize on Thursday’s “American Idol” elimination was not just to survive one more week for possible future fame and fortune. The bonus is that everyone who makes it through to the Top 3 gets the “hometown hero” visit, which would only be fun for someone who didn’t hate high school. That is why I never took my chances trying out for “Idol,” not wanting to risk a homecoming to those terribly awkward years.

But Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh would all be honored to return home. And all of them will, but one of them won’t get a parade.

If you’ve been following this show at all this season, go ahead and take a guess which one it is. It’s the one we all thought was going home since, oh, the Top 10? Here’s a hint: weird accent, penchant for pant-suits, and vacant stage presence. That’s right, it’s Hollie!

Poor Hollie. Week after week, she has to suffer through the scathing criticism of Jimmy Iovine. This week was no exception. She “crashed and burned” on “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” Jimmy said. About “Faithfully,” he said she was “peaking in the wrong direction,” toward overdramatic oversinging. Next to Elise Testone, who had to go through the weekly embarrassment of landing in the bottom every week, Hollie is probably the most publicly maligned singer on this show. But always upbeat, with her weird pointy smile, she just kept at it.

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So our top three are Phillip, Joshua and Jessica—kind of who we thought would be the top three since the semifinals. Jimmy thought Phillip did great last night on both songs, which is weird, because “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” was actually pretty bad. Jimmy though Jessica overused her growling trick on her first number, but that she murdered “And I Am Telling You,” and his friend Tommy Mottola emailed him to say he wants to go to her concert. And Jimmy wasn’t a fan of Joshua’s “You Raise Me Up,” although for his phenomenal “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” he said Joshua was speaking in tongues. “I’ve seen Prince do that, I’ve seen Springsteen do that. I’ve never seen that on ‘American Idol.’”

Also tonight we got a look behind-the-scenes of a Ford Music Video, which is exactly the type of behind-the-scenes which I never ever once in my life thought I wanted to look. Season 7 winner David Cook came to visit and reminded us that guys with guitars have indeed been on this show before Phillip Phillips, and that some of them actually CAN sing. Jennifer Lopez gave us our second dose this season of her “Dance Again”—this time “live” although totally not live considering she was back in her seat with totally different makeup on less than five minutes later.

But it was Hollie’s night, and she bid adieu with one of her better (relative to Hollie) numbers of the year, “The Climb.” Then she said goodbye to us forever until she gets a guest spot on next year’s “Idol” and we’re like, who is that vaguely familiar pointy-faced faerie with the weird accent?

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