‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Watch the Surprise Ending That Has Everybody Talking

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The big drama on this week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” seemed like it was going to be about which residents decided to stay at Seattle Grace next year and which ones decided to accept attending positions at other hospitals. Cristina (Sandra Oh) had her pick of prestigious jobs, while Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was torn between staying in Seattle or accepting an offer from Massachusetts General. Alex (Justin Chambers) got a last-minute offer from John Hopkins, which Chief Weber (James Pickens Jr.) encouraged him to use to get a better offer from Seattle Grace. After failing her boards, April (Sarah Drew) lost all of her job offers, including the one from Seattle Grace.

Then there were the relationship issues. What seemed like yet another fight about Bailey (Chandra Wilson) canceling a planned date with her boyfriend because of work turned into the world’s least romantic proposal when she mocked his desire to do a crossword puzzle with her while they were in the OR and discovered that it was a customized crossword puzzle that read, “Will you marry me?” Then he rescinded his proposal after he got a surgical internship in Los Angeles, which pretty much contradicts everything we’ve learned about the character.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Leading Stars Sign Two-Year Deals

Cristina realized she still loved Owen (Kevin McKidd), and they had sex, which seemed like it was going to be the big action for the week. Then she told him she was leaving Seattle and accepting an offer from the Mayo Clinic. Meredith also decided to go to Boston, and Alex realized he could not pass up Johns Hopkins. Had the news not broken earlier Thursday that all of the actors had signed new deals with the show, it would have seemed like the this was the set up for “Grey’s Anatomy: The Next Generation.”

The whole crew was going to work together one last time on an operation to separate a pair of conjoined twins. Then, in the final two minutes, something happened that changed absolutely everything. Hint: it could be the set up for a “Grey’s”-“Lost” crossover. You need to see the clip before you watch next week’s finale.

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