‘Celebrity Apprentice’: ‘And Then There Were Two…’

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The Final Two have been determined after Donald Trump fired one more player 10 minutes into Sunday night’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

So, who would it be? Clay Aiken, Aubrey O’Day or Arsenio Hall? After intel from his advisers John Rich and Marlee Matlin (last season’s Final Two grilled contestants in last week’s installment), Trump made another surprising move in firing … Aubrey O’Day, who viewers know thought she had the “Apprentice” title all wrapped up around her pretty little finger.

Oh yes, it was judgment day for the “transparent” O’Day, who had some choice bleeped words for her critics in the clip of her firing above.

The red-headed singer has been an entertainingly aggressive player this season, regularly ripping her castmates and coming off like a bit of an egomaniac who doesn’t play well with others.

That means the finale face-off features Clay Aiken, long considered a frontrunner to win, versus Arsenio Hall, somewhat of a surprise finalist. And they both have a lot to prove, so expect a sensational battle, since Aiken, aka “American Idol’s” most famous runner-up, is hellbent on not coming in second on another reality show, while former late-night host Arsenio Hall could use the win to bolster a comeback.

The live season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice” airs next Sunday, May 20, at 9/8c on NBC.

Watch the Full Episode Below.

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